Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Montezuma's T3's : Tiny Tasty Turtles

In my big box of chocolate goodies that I got for my birthday last month I received 3 packs of these gorgeously cute chocolate turtles from Montezuma's! People seem to know what I like now when it comes to chocolate; it either has to be excellently good or amazingly novel and cute..or both! Thankfully these Tiny Tasty Turtles were the latter!

Montezuma's Turtles

On the website you get a choice of 3 organic 70g bags of tasty chocolate shaped turtle flavours to choose from; I was selected the Turtley Trouble: Milk + White Chocolate, Lonesome George : Milk Chocolate + Butterscotch and the Dark Turtle 73% Selection. I really would have liked to have tried the Turtley Bananas with honeyed banana chips but apparently this flavour wasn't able to be selected :(, never mind though because all 3 of these flavours were delicious!

Turtley Trouble : 7.3/10

Montezuma's Turtles

In this bag you get a mixture of both creamy milk and white chocolate turtle shapes to choose from, the turtle shapes are a good standard size and are neither too small nor too big for you to feel greedy having a few..which of course could become inevitable as these are really tasty. The white chocolate isn't too sweet and provides a very light creamy flavour with soft subtle vainlla flavours; although it wasn't really all that flavourful I thank that it wasn't ridiculously sweet! Whilst the milk chocolate was gorgeous with a really strong rich creamy flavour and good toffee + caramel notes, the only thing you may feel slightly mean on is biting off poor Mr Turtle's head when you come to devour him!

Lonesome George : 6.4/10

Montezuma's Turtles

Contained in this turtley bag there was a mixture of milk chocolate turtles and butterscotch milk chocolate turtles; although these were still quite nice they just weren't as good as the Turtley Trouble I have to say. The milk chocolate used in this bag was of course the same as in the previous but unfortunately I couldn't taste a huge difference between this one and the supposed butterscotch turtle. I'm not sure whether it was meant to have butterscotch pieces in or whether it was just meant to be mildly butterscotch flavoured but either way I certainly didn't taste it so was slightly let down on this aspect of the bag.

Dark Turtles : 6.6/10

Montezuma's Turtles

Although I loved the general flavour of the dark chocolate in this Turtle selection I found that it could get a bit samey; especially if you are buying these for a child or a group of children who may not be all that fond on dark chocolate. Nevertheless that's not saying that they're bad in fact the dark chocolate was quite pleasant; of course it's not the most deep and complex of flavours but as you get into the dark chocolate some light woody, dry, cocoa notes start to come through that create quite a drying effect on the tongue making you want to reach for a glass of water. Not the most creamiest of dark chocolates but they still do the trick of satisfying any dark chocolate lover..and in turtle form!

Overall I think for £6.87 for 3 bags of these cute turtles is quite a lovely idea; not only are they perfect for kids in their cute sea life shape but you also get a wide selection of flavours to choose from so you can mix and match the perfect combo for anyone you're buying for making a nice little gift for any chocolate lover.

Taste - 6.7/10 - All of the flavours I had were all pretty nice; nothing amazing but certainly tasty!
Texture - 6.2/10 - The chocolate isn't the smoothest or creamiest and the dark chocolate was quite dry but the turtles are a good thick chunky shape.
Appearance - 7.1/10 - The turtles are all so cute..all they need to be completed would be a cute smiley face!
Price - 7/10 - It works out at just over £2 for a bag, and with a large selection to choose from I think this is quite a good price deal.
Overall - 6.75/10 - So tempted to try more of the selections now; so many delicious ones to choose from!


WHO FOR?These are probably best for kids parties or if you have a few kids to buy for..keep in mind for stocking fillers definately!

You can order these from the Montezuma's website at www.montezumas.co.uk


  1. Hey Natalie

    Greetings from a fellow chocolate lover who is about to start a club where we're at =)

    I love Montezuma's chocolates, and bring some up from London whenever i'm down there.

    I can never justify paying a shipping cost, for some odd reason


  2. Oh, they're really cute. Montezuma's I don't know. But for my next London visit I must noticed me this Shop address :)

  3. Did they add vanilla to the white chocolate? I couldn't find the ingredients on their site.

  4. Turtle trouble ;-) So cute...

  5. Ohh ho ho, such turtley trouble! These are pretty cute, would love to try Montezuma's some day:)

  6. Rodzilla - I can't remember, i think they did though.