Thursday, 6 October 2011

Senz Milk Chocolate Vanilla Hazelnut Velvet Pieces

After experiencing a surprisingly pleasant box of Senz assorted chocolates/pralines for a surprisingly cheap price when I spotted these Senz Milk Chocolate Vanilla Hazelnut Velvet Pieces I couldn't resist picking them up to try.On first appearance they sounded like they would really be my sort of thing, a relatively thin milk chocolate piece consisting of a caramel and praline centre.

Senz Milk Chocolate Vanilla Hazelnut Velvet Pieces

The packaging demonstrates a delicious looking piece of chocolate that looks as if it would have a delightful oozing caramel praline filling; I am sorry to say that the real thing was a complete let down. There is nothing more I hate than false advertising on chocolate, building your hopes up with a picture you think your chocolate is going to resemble just to have your hopes come crashing down when you open the packaging!

Senz Milk Chocolate Vanilla Hazelnut Velvet Pieces

Inside the packaging you get 16 individually milk chocolate caramel praline pieces; however on opening them they are nothing like their image entails, they are relatively thin and don't really have much of a filling at all, never mind a delightful delicious oozing one!

Senz Milk Chocolate Vanilla Hazelnut Velvet Pieces

The milk chocolate taste is very creamy with a slight hazelnut taste to it if you really have sharp enough of a palate to pick it up as otherwise it is far too subtle. There was nothing particularly powerful and I didn't  get any caramel pieces/liquid caramel/caramel flavour whatsoever which was slightly disappointing!

In all honestly I was really let down by these chocolates from Senz, I expected so much more and received so little; I must say I do like how they were packaged I like the idea that they are all individually wrapped and they would probably be excellent for a party/Christmas evening..for those that don't like After Eights, to pass around, if you don't want to spend all that much but at least look like you've made the effort. Despite this if you are looking for something really tasty then definitely don't buy these.

Senz Milk Chocolate Vanilla Hazelnut Velvet Pieces

Taste - 4/10 - Lack of flavour, didn't really taste of all that much and I definitely didn't get any praline or caramel!
Texture - 5.1/10 - The texture wasn't particularly bad but there was no presence of liquid/caramel pieces whatsoever in it.
Appearance - 2.4/10 - Shockingly deceiving.
Price - 4.7/10 - These RRP at around £4 I think but I know I picked them up at a reduced rate.
Overall - 4.1/10 - A bit of a let down


Good for a dinner party when you're looking for something to hand out to guests that is a bit better than your average After Eights.

You can pick up Senz chocolates in John Lewis.

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