Sunday, 23 October 2011

William Curley Dark Caramel Mou Bar

If you are like me and you are one of those people who search for the perfect textured caramel bar, look no further as this Dark Caramel Mou Bar by William Curley exactly hits the spot. It is neither too runny and soft nor too hard and brittle that it breaks your teeth but just melts with the perfect chew inside the mouth!

William Curley Dark Chocolate Caramel Mou Bar

The bar itself consists of 2 separate pieces wrapped in luxurious looking gold foil and each is made up of a soft caramel, coated in Amedei dark chocolate and sprinkled with cacao nibs..yum. This definitely is a caramel chocolate bar of another level; if I had to describe it, it would be like taking a long delicious ride along a smooth sumptuous caramel river that you just never want to end, Dairy Milk Caramel eat your heart out! There was something about this bar that just screamed Willy Wonka to me! I don't know whether it was the gold wrapping or whether the texture of it that reminded me of the taking a long dreamy ride along Willy Wonka's chocolate waterfall river; either way I know this bar is good!

William Curley Dark Chocolate Caramel Mou Bar

The texture is just of another class, you don't know whether to bite it and chew it slowly letting its caramelness enrobe your mouth or just to let it completely melt into a sumptuous mess all over your tongue! Either way the caramel provides an almost warming sensation on melting providing deep notes of toffee, that are subtly sweet but never over powering.

William Curley Dark Chocolate Caramel Mou Bar

This paired with the deep Amedei dark chocolate provides a perfect counter balance, with the thin chocolate coating giving a slightly, almost fruity edge that comes through before it melts away and reveals the sweeter caramel innards. The only problem with this bar is that it seemed to be over as soon as it had begun, I just wish there could have been some more for me to enjoy! Nevertheless the fact that it is split into 2 smaller bars does give you the option to eat one now..and save one for later..or not in the case of, like me, you just simply find it too delicious!

William Curley Dark Chocolate Caramel Mou Bar

Taste - 8.1/10 - Delicious rich caramel toffee notes coated coated in gorgeous Amedei dark chocolate providing a perfect balance between sweet and slightly fruity and dark.
Texture - 8.7/10 - Melted like a luxurious caramel river!
Appearance - 8.5/10 - Love how classy this bar looks, not only does it look divine in terms of its box and gold packaging but is also split into 2 perfect snack sized bars.
Price - 6.4/10 - At £3.99 this may be a lot more than you are willing to pay for your standard caramel bar, but in terms of whether is it worth it, for a special treat definitely!
Overall - 7.9/10 - Any caramel lover has to try this!


You can buy this at William Curley's stores in London or online at his website here.

Probably for someone a little older or a real chocolate lover who'll appreciate the hard work and quality of this bar.


  1. These look wonderful!
    I think I have to get myself some when I'm in London next time (whenever that will be).

  2. Yum yum yum yum.

    I love the delight of finding an excellent caramel bar. My most recent success was last month, with Sweeteeth's Sea is for Caramel bar. A bit more liquidy caramel, but it won me over on whimsy as well.

  3. Absolutely agree with you! This is one of my favourite bars and a true William Curley classic!