Thursday, 24 November 2011

Artisan du Chocola Christmas Pudding Couture Box

There's just some gifts this Christmas that you know you want to have sitting under your tree, even if it's just to make your room look more seasonal & festive. This Christmas Pudding Couture Box offers both aspects of what makes a lovely gift this Christmas, not only does it look beautiful, the packaging is so elegant and festive looking, but what is contained inside also won't disappoint!

Artisan du Chocolate Christmas Pudding Couture Box

Presented in a lovely white box inspired by a simplistic Japanese design and finished with a glittery ribbon and a gift tag it looks splendid and opens almost like a story book to reveal 16 Christmas Pudding Chocolates, 8 milk/8 dark, on one side; whilst on the opposite "page" there is a short story about Artisan du Chocolat's passion for chocolate.

Artisan du Chocolate Christmas Pudding Couture Box

Each Christmas Pudding chocolate consists of a small square of Christmas Pudding sitting on a piece of dark chocolate and then enrobed in either milk/dark and decorated accordingly, each chocolate is quite small but this is definitely what's needed here as they are quite rich. Now I wouldn't say that I normally love Christmas Pudding, but after trying these I think I may have been converted as these are divine!

Artisan du Chocolate Christmas Pudding Couture Box

The Christmas Pudding innards provide just the right flavours, a subtle background boozy flavour that is mixed with delicious warming festive spices whilst the dried fruits are bursting with juiciness and inject a refreshing flavour to the pudding. I felt that the festive flavours worked better when coated with the milk chocolate as opposed to the dark as it gave more of a contrast due to the sweeter milkier flavours, however this could just be personal preference.

Artisan du Chocolate Christmas Pudding Couture Box

However it was the texture that really knocked me for six as it was absolutely delicious; it was not only rich, dense and gooey but also extremely moist and just seemed to break down slowly and wonderfully in the mouth making you feel as if you really have had a good piece of Christmas Pudding, unlike so many of the lighter staler slices of Christmas Pudding you might see knocking about in the supermarket this Christmas.

Artisan du Chocolate Christmas Pudding Couture Box

I can just imagine these being opened later on when everyone's stomachs have settled from the joys of Christmas dinner when people are fancying an after dinner chocolate with a twist and no matter how full anyone is I'm sure they won't be able to resist these!

Taste - 8.6/10 - Light boozy flavours with delicious festive spices and refreshing fruits, the perfect Christmas pudding.
Texture - 9.2/10 - Amazing texture, moist, dense and gooey, a perfect Christmas Pudding.
Appearance - 9.2/10 - The box looks amazing, certainly every attention to detail has been put in here.
Price - 8.5/10 - These are priced at £18 for 18 chocolates, that only works out at £1 a chocolate which is a lot less than you might be paying at other chocolate shops this Christmas.
Overall - 8.9/10 - A wonderful Christmas gift!


Either to just buy in as an after dinner chocolate for Christmas Day or a lovely gift for someone who appreciates a finer chocolate and won't just gobble these down!

You can pick these up from the Artisan du Chocolate website.

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  1. YUM! I've never heard of Christmas pudding chocolate before! They look so good! :)