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Baruzzo Nut Pouches

You really know the Festive season is fast approaching when you start to see the supermarkets stocking up their aisles with nut selection packs, full to the brim with an array of nuts ranging from big thick chunky Brazil nuts to the smaller more delicate almonds. I love the idea of all of this, if I'm completely honest I really enjoy nuts..but I don't think I'm the type of person who could buy a huge selection pack like that and munch my way through it all.

Baruzzo Nut Pouches

However I may have met my match in Baruzzo's Nut Pouches! I was given 3 different types to review : Cocoa Dusted Hazelnuts, Cocoa Dusted Caramelised Walnuts & Cocoa Chilli Dusted Almonds and imagined that I would probably only eat one or two from each pack to try and then share them out with members of my family who I thought would enjoy devouring them more! How wrong I was...

Cocoa Dusted Hazelnuts - 8.6/10

Baruzzo Nut Pouches                Baruzzo Nut Pouches

This is the first pouch I decided to try, not only because hazelnuts are my preferred nut of choice, but the size and chunky appearance of these really appealed to me. Opening the pouch  you are greeted with a nice plentiful selection of substantial looking hazelnuts coated in a delightful crunchy exterior and dusted with cocoa powder. Popping one into my mouth I soon began to find out how moreish these were..I just couldn't stop and although the packet was so easy to reseal and go back to later I just found myself wanting more! They are the perfect balance between sweet and savoury, with the cocoa powder not being too bitter but just providing a lovely contrast to the hazelnut innards. The more I ate of these the more the flavour developed giving a very delicate praline flavour with a delicious crunchy texture!

Cocoa Dusted Caramelised Walnuts - 8.5/10

Baruzzo Nut Pouches               Baruzzo Nut Pouches

If you had to ask me what my least favourite nut would be walnuts every single time..I can't stand the things, there's something about their flavour and their texture that just really puts me off. That's why I was so surprised to enjoy these!! The walnuts have been caramelised to perfection before being cocoa dusted and tasting them not only is the crunch that is offered superb, but the flavours are gorgeous with deep burnt nut flavours complemented with a dusting of cocoa powder, it was almost as if I was eating a superb nutty popcorn. Again I couldn't help myself reaching back into the packet for more, if walnuts tasted like this all the time I could be converted!

Cocoa Chilli Dusted Almonds - 6/10

Baruzzo Nut Pouches       Baruzzo Nut Pouches

Although these were still good unfortunately compared to the other 2 nut pouches they just didn't live up to the delicious flavours that the other two offered. Despite being a good substantial size, and double coated, once with a sort of crunchy dark chocolate exterior and then dusted with cocoa powder & providing good almond flavours with a slight background chilli kick I felt that there was something lacking. I kept getting slight hints of chilli now and then but I didn't really get anything too powerful and wasn't really sure whether it was even meant to  be there. They were still tasty..just nothing spectacular.

If you're looking for something a bit more special for Christmas and you can't decide between nuts or chocolate then I would certainly go for these Baruzzo dusted nuts, they are a delight and are perfect to share between the family or to keep them all for yourself on a cold winters night! Plus with their delightful cocoa dusting whats more fun on Christmas Eve then tucking into a packet of nuts to find your hands and lips covered with the takes the meaning of "Santa's soot trail" to a whole new level!

Taste - 7.7/10
- Delicious, the perfect balance between sweet and savoury and ever so moreish!
Texture - 9/10 - The nuts are roasted/caramelised to perfection, with the Walnuts texture being the main highlight!
Appearance - 6.9/10 - They look really pretty and presented in lovely looking boxes and wrapping that are easily resealable.
Price - 6.3/10 - For a small bag of these they are priced at £5.95, this is quite expensive for a small bag of nuts but I would say if you bought one bag as a sort of after Christmas Dinner snack or a nice stocking filler then there is definitely a place for them.
Overall - 7.5/10 - A pleasure to eat!


Great for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day nibbles, or great for a stocking filler with a twist.

You can take a look at Baruzzo's website for details on where to buy and with a whole range of delightful Christmas products such as their special Star Xmas Tree it's definitely worth taking a look!

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