Sunday, 20 November 2011

Choc Affair Giant Chocolate Cupcake

This giant chocolate cupcake is one of those centre pieces where you just look and go "wow"; being a big lover of both chocolate and cupcakes it was only natural that someone would buy me this as a gift at some point. Made up of both milk and white chocolate, decorated and filled with sweets and topped with a bon bon it certainly is a work of art.

Choc Affair Giant Chocolate Cupcake

Breaking into it I was really hoping that I'd be able to slice it as I would a cake..I got my knife at the ready and slowly started to cut;  alas it appears that either my knife was not sharp enough, I wasn't skilled enough or the chocolate was just too flimsy to hold, as my poor cupcake all just caved in on itself, revealing two little bags of sweets inside.

Biting into the milk chocolate I have to say I was quite disappointed, it didn't really taste of all that much, it sort of tasted a bit like the cheap chocolate you get in some advent calendars this time of year, there wasn't really any creamy caramel flavours whatsoever and I have to say that overall it just tasted bland. As I moved my way up the cupcake to try a bit of the white chocolate I was hoping that I would be more pleasantly surprised; at least in terms of strength of flavour. However this really wasn't the case, again I found the white chocolate to be virtually tasteless with the only real flavour appearing being that of a sort of sweet sugary fruity flavour which was obviously from the range of sweets used as decoration. It wasn't even all that good for dunking into a warm cup of tea, as due to the thin nature of the chocolate moulding it virtually just melted away as soon as you dipped it in!

Choc Affair Giant Chocolate Cupcake

For a novelty gift as a present or maybe for a birthday centre piece for someone who wants something a bit different to cake then this would look delightful in the middle of a birthday table filled with party food! However I'm afraid to say that I don't think the flavours offered from this chocolate cupcake would particularly be the highlight of the party but I'm sure that young children would still go crazy for this with its pretty appearance and sugar fueled sweet decorations.

Taste -5/10 - I didn't really find it particularly tasty at all; and found it to be quite flavourless apart from the sweety fruit flavour offered by the decorations.
Texture - 5.2/10 - The chocolate wasn't as thick as I would have liked and the melt of both of the milk and white chocolate felt a bit waxy.
Appearance - 9.4/10 - I can't deny how pretty this cupcake looks and in terms of appearance its definitely a show stopper.
Price - 7/10 - Someone picked this up for me for £22.95 at Fenwicks I think; its maybe about twice the price you would pay for a birthday cake but I think it would serve a fair few more people.
Overall - 6.6/10 - One of those novelty chocolates that is all show but no flavour.

Probably more one for the kids in terms of for a centre piece for a party.

I'm pretty sure Fenwicks are selling these but you can also have a look at the Choc-Affair website.

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  1. This really looks beautiful. But somehow it's easy to believe that it was not super tasty.