Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cocoapod Personalised Build-A-Box Chocolates

Recently I was fortunate enough to receive this delightful box of personalised chocolates from the ladies at Cocoapod chocolates. For those of you that don't know Cocoa Pod is a chocolate company owned by two sisters, Linda and Philippa, who wanted to bring a bit of fun to chocolate by bringing an element of cute, novel and colourful designs.

Cocoa Pod Build a Box Chocolates

Their build a box range allows customers to choose any flavour chocolate  of Milk, White, Strawberry, Orange, Dark or mixed box and any design/message that takes their fancy, meaning that these chocolates are completely customisable and would add a delightful personal touch to any present! In my box I received a range of Milk, Strawberry, Orange and Dark chocolates all with their nice own little pattern/letter on them! The question is though what was the chocolate like!

The milk chocolate was a good 33% cocoa, so a lot better than the likes of the commercial Cadburys stuff floating around and wasn't too sweet but extremely creamy, reminiscent of some Belgian chocolate you may find in the shops. The strawberry and orange flavours really intrigued me..normally I hate flavoured chocolates like this, they just remind me of artificial pick n mix sweets but to my surprise the strawberry was actually really pleasant, which although being quite sweet wasn't artificial tasting whatsoever. 

Cocoa Pod Build a Box Chocolates
However; unfortunately I cant say the same about the orange chocolate which I found to be my least favourite flavour of the box due to it not really tasting of chocolate whatsoever but more orange sugary sweets. Nevertheless the dark chocolate had a good strong cocoa flavour and provided a nice counter balance for those who don't have a sweet tooth with nice deeper flavours.

Each individual chocolate was the perfect size, a good solid big chunk of chocolate, that was not only satisfying but perfect to either pop in your mouth and let it melt slowly or nibble away at it like a squirrel; and what with each chocolate chunk being individually available these are perfect for sharing among friends...or saving them all for yourself and slowly savouring a block at a time!

I have to say although I didn't really enjoy all of the flavours that were included in my box I think the idea of this is such good fun; and what with the option of you being able to choose whatever flavours you want to include in your box you can make sure that when you buy them you choose suitably for whoever your buying for! If you're looking for something with a lovely personal touch this Christmas I really have to say that these Build-a-Block chocolates are perfect!

Cocoa Pod Build a Box Chocolates

Taste - 6/10 - The chocolate wasn't the most amazing but good classic creamy Belgian chocolate flavours and would definitely satisfy any chocolate lover this Christmas and what with the option to choose your own flavours what could be better!
Texture - 7.1/10 - Good solid chunks of chocolate!
Appearance - 9.3/10 - These are such pretty chocolates and I know I for one would love to see these poking out of the top of my stocking this Christmas.
Price - 7.5/10 - For a small box, like I received, that contains 16 chocolate box, is only £7.50, which I think is really good value considering its also personalised!
Overall - 7.5/10 - A wonderful Christmas idea!


WHERE TO BUY?You can buy your own Build-a-Box of chocolates at www.cocoapod.co.uk

Anyone who loves chocolate! Perfect for Christmas for a loved one, or a cheeky secret Santa gift!

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