Wednesday, 30 November 2011

House of Dorchester Flake Hot Chocolate

The weather is certainly getting colder, it's getting dark at around 3.30 and its the 1st of December tomorrow so what better time to crack out the Christmas mugs and start making yourself some warm comforting drinks to get you through the winter blues.

House of Dorchester Flake Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate from House of Dorchester can come to your assistance in these wintery times of need; made from larger flakes..almost like chunks, of milk and dark chocolate you simply stir it into milk to create a thick chocolate drink. It's packaged in an excellent resealable fashion, so that once you've had a serving you don't have to worry about the flakes spilling all over the its unlikely that you're going to use all of it in one sitting!! Unless you really love your hot chocolate!

House of Dorchester Flake Hot Chocolate

The chocolate flakes melt easily into the warm milk creating a light creamy coloured hot chocolate; thankfully unlike many hot chocolates this isn't ridiculously sickly sweet compared to many of the syrup and powdered hot chocolates you may have tasted. This version tastes extremely authentic and non artificial with the dark chocolate flakes adding a richer overall chocolate flavour, I made mine with skimmed milk so it probably wasn't as luxurious as it could have been so if you wanted a real treat I would strongly recommend using whole milk as I can only imagine how creamy and sumptuous the hot chocolate would be then.

House of Dorchester Flake Hot Chocolate

A nice pleasant hot chocolate for warming the cockles of your heart..and if you're feeling a bit cheeky you can even eat the chocolate chunks on their own!

Taste - 7.1/10 - A nice creamy hot chocolate that tastes extremely fresh and non sickly.
Texture - 6.9/10 - The chocolate melts well into hot milk whilst the bigger chunks provide something nice to nibble on whilst you're waiting for your milk to warm!
Appearance - 7.2/10 - Presented in a lovely box and packaged efficiently,
Price - 8/10 - This is priced at only £5.99..the equivalent of 2 Starbucks hot chocolates! So definitely worth it!
Overall - 7.3/10 - A lovely warming winter drink.


Suitable for anyone who likes hot chocolate!

John Lewis are selling a large range of HoD as are many other departments store but you can take a look at their website here.

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