Friday, 25 November 2011

Lindor Irish Cream Truffles

Like many people out there one of my first experiences with higher quality chocolate was through Lindt; their Lindor truffles and cutely shaped characters remind me of past Christmases; sharing them out between the family or tucking into a large chocolate reindeer slowly biting off his ear to savour the creamy milk chocolate on Christmas night after a day of indulgences. This has grown with me through age and I must say that I still hold a place in my heart..or should I say taste buds for Lindt's products, especially around the festive period.

Lindor Irish Cream Truffles

I was especially pleased to see that Lindt have added a few new products to their seasonal collection this year; not only do they have the new Lindt bear, just the traditional Lindt milk chocolate moulded into bear form, but they have also brought out a limited edition Irish Cream Lindor truffle. Lindt seem to have picked up on that Christmases nowadays always seem to involve cracking open a big bottle of Baileys to share out between the family and have hence tried to incorporate it in creamy chocolate truffle form.

Looking on the packaging I was pleasantly surprised to see that no alcohol is actually included in the Irish Cream truffles; I know many of you may be disappointed by this but I was hoping that Lindt would manage to achieve the tasty Irish Cream flavour without the powerful after burn of the alcohol; something that always puts me off from strong alcoholic chocolates...and Irish Cream for that fact! This is exactly what these truffles were like; in terms of size and texture they are exactly the same as your regular Lindor Truffles, a nice bite size piece with a lovely rich buttery centre.

Lindor Irish Cream Truffles

Compared to the regular milk Lindor truffles the Irish Cream comparison doesn't feel as rich but is definitely a lot more creamy, I feel as if I could eat a lot more of the latter due to the overall lighter milkier flavour the Irish Cream truffle offered. There is no alcoholic after taste whatsoever and tastes just like Baileys that has been mixed with a lot of milk to water down the alcohol content meaning that this product can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. I know some young children this Christmas may feel left out not being able to indulge in what "the adults are having" but you can certainly give them one of these Irish Cream truffles whilst the rest of the family are enjoying the real thing.

Lindor Irish Cream Truffles

Would I  buy these over the normal milk/dark/white versions of Lindor? I'm not sure, I think it would depend on my mood,  but I can certainly say that I enjoyed these.

Taste - 7.4/10 - A nice milky Irish Cream flavour, not too sweet and no alcoholic burn!
Texture - 8.3/10 - The usual rich buttery melt in the mouth texture classic of Lindor truffles.\
Appearance - 8/10 - Look more festive than other Lindor truffles and great for sharing out.
Price - 7.9/10 - These vary on price in different supermarkets/stores but you're probably going to pay around £3-£4 a box, in the middle of the cheap supermarket chocolate and higher end more expensive stuff these may be appealing to people who want a bit of luxury but don't want to spend too much this Christmas.
Overall - 7.9/10 - A nice change to the classic Lindors.


One for all the family for sharing out over the festive period.

You can pick these up virtually anywhere, supermarkets, department stores etc.


  1. Yay for no alcoholic burn! And kudos to Lindt for pulling it off.

  2. Whereas I nowadays seldom buy Lindt, I grew up on their chocolate (it was either Lindt, Cailler or Chocolat Frey), so I also have a soft spot for them. And if I'm desperate for chocolate, one can Lindt buy almost everywhere.
    I haven't seen the Irish Cream Lindor truffles in the shelves here yet.

  3. I FINALLY got to this, after you had given it to me in our first chocolate swap.

    Thoughts: Sweet-cream. It's like a sweeter Lindor Milk. I'm so disappointed at the lack of that boozy kick!