Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Marich Mint Chip Malt Balls

For my birthday those few months ago I got the delights of a chocolate hamper given to me as a gift; containing not only higher brand gourmet but also a range of more commercial different products from the States bought courtesy of Cyber Candy. These Marich Mint Chip Malt Balls were one of the latter. Described like a Maltesers but with a mint coating; I guessed these might be a bit like Whoppers, that America is so famous for.

Marich Mint Chip Malt Balls

To be honest after trying Whoppers a few years ago I wasn't really a fan to be honest; I found the inside of them to be a bit too dense and the chocolate coating that surrounded them to just be a bit too artificial tasting. 

However these Marich Mint Chip Malt Balls were a delight; on biting into them they are not only surrounded with a mint shell but also with a thin dark chocolate shell, double coated; before leading way to a dense malt ball centre. The interior is definitely a lot less light than that of Maltesers, but instead of being almost stodgy like Whoppers the filling is dense yet crunchy giving a great counter texture to the thick chocolate that coats it.

Marich Mint Chip Malt Balls

I don't know whether I would describe this as chocolate per se; I mean it does contain chocolate but to me its more sort of a candy/chocolate on par with that of Maltesers etc. Nevertheless they still were thoroughly enjoyable, all too often mint flavours like this can taste a bit too artificial but these gave a lovely refreshing flavour that wasn't too overly sweet and contrasted with the more savoury malt filling!

I know all too often I prefer the higher quality chocolate; but I think theres a time and place for other types, and when I'm in the mood for something with a bit more "munchability", if you will, I would most certainly reach for a packet of these!

Marich Mint Chip Malt Balls

Taste - 7.3/10 - Lovely malty filling that contrasted well with the refreshing mint and dark chocolate covering.
Texture - 7.1/10 - Much nicer than Whoppers, a lot more crunchy and denser than Maltesers; I enjoyed it.
Appearance - 6.1/10 - Just sort of an average bag of green coloured balls...
Price - 6/10 - These are priced at £1.99 per bag..thats around 4x the price of Maltesers...I guess you're paying more due to the importation costs.
Overall - 6.6/10 - A nice change!


You can pick these up from Cyber Candy.

Anyone who's a fan of Maltesers will love these; I also think they would make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas for someone who might like a bit of a change.

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