Sunday, 27 November 2011

Thorntons Mr Bump

The Mr Men marked their 40th anniversary this year; and unless you've been living on another planet you'll have seen that a lot of related produce has been popping up all over the place, from jelly sweets, to trivia cards and even this milk and white chocolate Mr Bump brought to you from Thorntons!

Thornton's Chocolate Mr Bump

Me and my family have often joked that if I were to be a Mr Man then I would be Mr Bump due to my constant accident prone nature, I'm forever bumping into things, dropping things and inevitably seeming to cause harm to myself in a clumsy mishap filled fashion. Therefore when I saw this staring at me from the Thornton's shelf I just knew I had to buy it.

Ok I know it's just novelty shaped chocolate but it's cute! The main part of Mr Bump is made of your usual sweet Thornton's milk chocolate; quite creamy with slight caramel hints but nevertheless very sweet. Whilst his bandages are made up of a smaller layer of white chocolate; however there isn't enough really there to contribute to the overall flavour and just adds an extra sweetness to the finished product.

Thornton's Chocolate Mr Bump

Poor Mr Bump didn't really consist of very thick chocolate and was quite flimsy in terms of how easily he broke apart so left me feeling a bit unsatisfied at his thin broken pieces. I think this is one of those products that is definitely more visually pleasing than one on the tongue! Nevertheless for a cute novel gift for kids or for anyone who loves the Mr Men for just £3.49 Mr Bump or his female counterpart Little Miss Sunshine that Thornton's are also offering is hard to resist!

Taste - 5.4/10 - Your usual sweet creamy Thornton's chocolate; too sweet for me but will certainly please the masses.
Texture - 5.4/10 - Found that it was quite flimsy but melted quite nicely on the tongue.
Appearance - 8.4/10 - Can't really get much cuter and can imagine it would put a smile on many a person's face.
Price - 7.9/10 - At £3.49 I don't think this is all that bad; it's a small sweet chocolate gift that won't break the bank.
Overall - 6.7/10 - Cute but just another novel chocolate product in terms of flavour.


WHERE TO BUY?You can pick these up at any Thornton's store or online

I'm sure loads of children would love this!

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