Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Artisan du Chocolat O Magic Collection

In terms of visual appeal I can't praise Artisan du Chocolat highly enough this Christmas; as if their elegant looking Christmas Pudding Couture Box wasn't enough they've pulled out even more stops with their O Magic Collection, presented in a long sleek red box these chocolates look the complete package this Christmas both on the inside and out.

Artisan du Chocolat O Magic Collection

Inside after carefully peeling back the brown tissue paper you'll be greeted with 20 beautiful looking disks of chocolate, 5 of each flavour : Dark Chocolate + Mulled Spice Red Wine Jelly, Dark Chocolate + Whisky & Cherries Jelly, Milk Chocolate + Apple & Cider Jelly, Milk Chocolate + Champagne Jelly and White Chocolate + Redcurrant jelly, each adorned with a mystical fairytale creature design. This is certainly one box of chocolate that just feels magical, like something out of The Chronicles of Narnia, opening this box of chocolates it like opening the wardrobe to the magical land.

Artisan du Chocolat O Magic Collection

However in terms of the actual chocolates, there's just something that doesn't exactly ring home to me with the concept of the Magic Os, I can understand that they are of course meant to be a more elegant and refined chocolate but biting into each of the disks I found the "jelly" filling, as described on the back of the packaging, to be extremely runny and much more like a coulis, as described on the website. The outer casing of the chocolate is incredibly thin and gives way delightfully melting smoothly in the mouth but I found that there was just too much chocolate and too little filling to make a great deal of impact in terms of flavour, especially on the more delicate flavours; whilst the size and the texture of the Os meant that you either had to bite them a little at a time..leaving sticky coulis all over your fingers or attempt to pop them in all at once..which I wouldn't recommend!

Of course the Os with stronger fillings made more of an impact; such as the Dark Chocolate + Whisky & Cherries Jelly which had a good strong flavour of whisky with a delicate background of cherries, nevertheless I still felt the chocolate dominated on the overall flavours. Especially on those of a more subtle nature such as the White Chocolate + Redcurrant Jelly which I found to just taste of a slightly creamy fruity white chocolate.

Artisan du Chocolat O Magic Collection

I can't deny that these look spectacular and maybe they will appeal to certain people these Christmas but in terms of the idea and the flavours offered from these set of seasonal Os I just couldn't see myself enjoying them this festive period.

Taste - 5.2/10 - The quality of the chocolate is of course excellent, but I just felt that the flavours offered in the jelly/coulis centres were far too overpowered by the chocolate exterior.
Texture - 5.3/10 - The Os melt wonderfully on the tongue but I just feel the proportions are slightly out and that its quite hard to eat them without getting incredibly messy..but maybe thats the fun of it!
Appearance - 9.6/10 - Although the Os didn't impress me in terms of the flavour I was astounded by how wonderful these chocolates look, sheer elegance.
Price - 7.3/10 - Priced at £15 I think that for in terms of what they look like, and for something maybe a bit different to try they are good value.
Overall - 6.8/10 - I just can't get my head around the Os but a nice change to try I suppose.

This seems to be the sort of present I would buy someone who liked to appreciate the finer things in life; maybe for the more refined members of the family!

You can pick these up from Artisan du Chocolat's website here.

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