Sunday, 4 December 2011

Cocoa Loco Childrens Christmas Chocolates

Cocoa Loco are offering a lovely range of chocolates to fill your child's stocking with this Christmas from cute white chocolate snowmen to a milk chocolate gingerbread house laden with fruit pastille like sweets there's a delightful selection of gifts to suit all ages.

Milk Chocolate Gingerbread Men - 6.3/10

Cocoa Loco Christmas Chocolate Cocoa Loco Christmas Chocolate

Presented in a pouch complete with a cute sticker detailing the ingredients etc inside these are so sweet it feels almost slightly cruel eating them. Each gingerbread man is of a good chunky size and certainly isn't one of these flimsy chocolates that you'll feel hard done by these Christmas. Perfect for either munching in a couple of bites or for dipping his poor little leg into a hot festive drink; the milk chocolate is of the classic creamy sweet relatively simplistic milk chocolate that you'll see knocking about this Christmas apart from there's no need to feel guilty about giving this to your kids as it's all organic and certainly a lot better than the likes of Cadburys!

White Chocolate Snowmen - 6.7/10

Cocoa Loco Christmas Chocolate Cocoa Loco Christmas Chocolate

Surprisingly I actually preferred these to the mini milk chocolate gingerbread men; I just felt that in terms of the quality of the chocolate that the white chocolate was better; it certainly wasn't overly sweet and instead had a tasty creamy vanilla flavour that melted perfectly on the tongue..much like your snowman would melt in the sun! Each bag contains a good amount of white chocolate snowmen and are perfect for sharing out between children this Christmas!

Milk Chocolate Gingerbread House - 7/10

Cocoa Loco Christmas Chocolate Cocoa Loco Christmas Chocolate

I love something a tiny bit different at Christmas time; as if there's any time for excess its certainly on December 25th! This milk chocolate gingerbread house, decorated with white chocolate and pressed with fruit jelly pastille sweets is certainly sweet and shouldn't be for those that don't have a big sweet tooth; however I know most kids at Christmas would love this and in a way the fruit flavoured sweets add a nice fruity element to the creamy thick milk chocolate. This was a bit too sweet for me but if you can't decide between sweets and chocolate for someone this Christmas why not get them both; plus it's suitable for vegetarians!

It seems that Cocoa Loco have a lovely range of Christmas stocking fillers for kids this season out of the selection that I have reviewed from them; its definitely something a bit different for your children and something that they won't have seen knocking about in stores, presenting a delightful surprise for them on Christmas morning. The chocolate is relatively good quality and provides flavours that will please anyone with the slightest of sweet tooths and light up their faces on Christmas morning.

Taste - 6.7/10 - Quite sweet chocolate and obviously nothing complex; just simple creamy sweet chocolate flavours to be enjoyed by adults and children alike.
Texture - 7/10 - All of the mini snowmen/gingerbread men + the gingerbread house are of a good thick substantial pieces; however I found the milk chocolate of the gingerbread men to be a slightly bit dry.
Appearance - 7.8/10 - Really cute novel products and love the sweet packaging that they come in.
Price - 7.6/10 The gingerbread house is priced at £4.49, whilst the gingerbread men and snowmen are priced at £3.99 per bag. I think this is well within peoples price ranges this Christmas and a nice little special treat.
Overall - 7.3/10 - A fun little chocolate stocking filler for loads of children from Mr Claus!


Children of all ages!

WHERE TO BUY?You can get these from the Cocoa Loco website.

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