Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Cocoa Loco Dark Praline Truffles

A big praline truffle, for me, is normally the highlight of any chocolate box I buy; so when I received a whole bag of the new Dark Praline truffles that Cocoa Loco were offering I leaped at the chance to tuck into them to see what they were like. However these truffles are not like your average praline chocolates; they are also Cocoa Loco's first vegan truffle consisting of a hazelnut praline centre generously coated with dark chocolate and a sprinkling of sugar; looking a bit like Thornton's offering of the Viennese Truffle, one of my past favourite offerings from Thorntons as a child!

Cocoa Loco Dark Praline Hazelnut Truffle

Firstly I must say that the size of these chocolates certainly is generous; each truffle is a good substantial size and definitely feels like you're getting your moneys worth of a good chocolate hit! Nevertheless on biting into the truffle I felt that the dark chocolate shell was a bit too thick for the interior and overpowered the delicate hazelnut praline centre.

Cocoa Loco Dark Praline Hazelnut Truffle

Continuing on from this I also felt that the praline centre was a bit too dry; it wasn't creamy in the slightest and the hazelnut flavour is very very subtle; I suppose you can expect a slightly dry texture due to the truffles being suitable for vegans but after trying some of Booja Boojas vegan truffles and seeing how silky smooth they can still make theirs I was a tad disappointed that these hadn't held the same luxurious melt in the mouth texture.

Cocoa Loco Dark Praline Hazelnut Truffle

If you know someone who's a vegan and still wants to indulge in some chocolate then these obviously do offer something a bit different to what you're going to find in many of the high street stores such as Hotel Chocolat, Thorntons etc. However for me these just weren't a creamy or sumptuous enough praline and I just felt they were a missing a slight something .

Taste - 5/10 - I just felt that the hazelnut praline interior was far too overpowered by the thick dark chocolate shell.
Texture - 4.5/10 - Very dry and not creamy in the slightest.
Appearance - 6.3/10 - These do look really nice and the size of the chocolate is substantial.
Price - 6.3/10 - At £4.99 this is a fairly good price, considering you get a generous amount of chocolates and those that are suitable for vegans are normally priced a lot higher.
Overall - 5.5/10 - Just missing that little something.

I'd probably only buy these for an actual vegan, anyone else and I'd just buy a normal box of truffles.

You can pick these up from Cocoa Loco's website.

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