Friday, 2 December 2011

Cocoa Pod Christmas Chocolate Lollies

Well, well, well..its December 2nd now, I hope you all have your advent calendars out now and are getting into the true festive spirit because its only 23 days til Christmas! Exciting! Today I bring to you a lovely small little chocolate stocking filler from the girls at Cocoa Pod!

These Christmas chocolate lollies come in white, milk or dark chocolate and can be decorated with a wide range of designs before being popped into a lovely cellophane bag, tied with a ribbon and then hopefully placed in your stocking!

Cocoa Pod Chocolate Christmas Lollies

Mine came decorated with cute Christmas penguins, holly leaves and snowflakes; all on a decent sized chocolate circle. I felt slightly cruel tucking into my first white chocolate penguin lolly, it seemed so cruel to eat them when they were smiling sweetly at me..but all in the name of chocolate they just had to go! The white chocolate gives a lovely creamy vanilla flavour, that isn't too sweet nor grainy and is nicely satisfying for when you need a sugar hit, I can imagine this would make many a child pleased on Christmas morning.

Compared to this the milk chocolate was also very creamy and reminiscent of some of the milk chocolate you might taste from some Belgian chocolate companies this Christmas, it wasn't overly sweet but had a nice background milky flavour and was perfect for dunking into a warm cup of tea and letting the edges of the lolly melt slowly around your lips!

Cocoa Pod Chocolate Christmas Lollies

The final lolly I came to try was the plain/dark chocolate lolly; this I have to say was probably my least favourite, I know I normally love dark chocolate but I found the flavours to be lacking a bit and the texture seemed to be a bit dry. However this is probably just me being fussy as I can imagine this will please the masses around the festive season, which is what you really want!

Priced at £1.75 a lolly I think this is quite good value, you'll pay about £1 for a chocolate snowman lolly in Sainsbury's so why not go a bit further and for an extra 75p slap a nice cute design on it to make it a bit more personalised, with a wide range of designs to choose from and the opportunity to choose the chocolate for the recipient this would make a nice little Christmas treat.

Cocoa Pod Chocolate Christmas Lollies

Taste - 6/10 - A lot better than the likes of Cadbury's and stuff, with much higher cocoa percentages and nice creamy flavours throughout, although the dark chocolate was a bit too dry for me, nevertheless flavours to please most of the population!
Texture - 6.6/10 - Good smooth chocolate that melted nicely in the mouth; however I found that the lollies were the perfect size for dunking into a cup of tea and letting it melt that way..if you have a mug big enough!
Appearance - 8.3/10 - A lovely range of designs to choose from, for adult and children alike.
Price - 6.9/10 - £1.75 a lolly isn't too bag, it might seem quite expensive when you can pick up a selection box for under £2 nowadays but it depends what you're looking for.
Overall - 6.9/10 - A nice novel Christmas gift.


A large range of children's designs and also some more sophisticated ones for the older chocolate lover can be transferred onto these lollies.


You can pick these up from the Cocoa Pod website here.

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