Sunday, 11 December 2011

Green & Blacks Chocolate Christmas Hampers

In terms of gift ideas this Christmas time Green & Blacks have certainly upped their game with the delicious range of hampers they are offering; not only are they presented exquisitely but what's stored inside is equally as pleasing. Over the past few years I never normally would have thought to buy someone a present from G&B's; they sort of occupy a space in the market above Cadburys but obviously beneath the likes of Artisan du Chocolat in terms of how "posh" the chocolates are, if you will, and usually I would either go all out and buy someone a very gourmet box of chocolates, or for members of my family who prefer the sweeter stuff, a selection box.

Green & Blacks Christmas Hampers

After seeing these hampers though I would definitely have to rethink my present buying! Not only is Green & Black's chocolate good quality in terms of the cocoa solids and ingredients used  making it taste a hell of a lot better than the likes of Mars etc plus being all organic, but it is also easily accessible and can be picked up at virtually any supermarket.

Green & Blacks Christmas Hampers

The hampers I received look amazing, presented in a brown box, wrapped with gold ribbon and stuffed out on the inside with brown shredded paper; the smaller hamper 'The Christmas Table Collection' contains 24 miniature 15g Green & Black's chocolate bars of 6 different kinds, 2 each, of 70% Dark, Butterscotch, Almond, Milk, Cherry & Ginger all double wrapped together using a pretty gold bow. I maybe would have liked to have seen a bit more variety in terms of flavours because of how many G&B's offer; maybe 12 different flavours rather than 6, but this still is a wonderful idea for Christmas time. It could be either used to share out between the family on Christmas day, used as favours after the Christmas dinner or even add an extra special something to someone's Christmas gifts!

Green & Blacks Christmas Hampers

However where I was really blown away was the large hamper 'The Chocolate Lovers Collection'; containing  the new exciting Tasting Collection, 4 x 100g bars consisting of the new Dark Chocolate with crunchy toffee, Soft Caramel, Cocoa Rich Milk and 70% Dark & 3 x 35g bars of Maya Gold, White and Butterscotch.

Green & Blacks Christmas Hampers

Opening the hamper it really does look like a chocoholic's heaven, but what I really loved about this was their new Tasting Collection that provided an exciting tasting journey for any chocolate lover.

Green & Blacks Christmas Hampers

Consisting of a range of 24 miniature different bars and one larger bar of dark chocolate it provides a world journey in chocolate; each flavour of chocolate is accompanied by a fact to do with its ingredients, flavours to look out for, a recipe and even details of how to enjoy optimum tasting!

Green & Blacks Christmas Hampers

Whether for a complete novice at chocolate tasting or for a budding connoisseur this is a delightful new idea  and acts as almost a tasting game that would be wonderful for Christmas day!

Green & Blacks Christmas Hampers

And what's the icing on the cake? These hampers are excellent value for money, with 'The Chocolate Lovers Collection' priced only at £25 and the 'Chocolate Table Collection' at £16 these hampers don't only look and taste great, but they are accessible to most people this Christmas time and won't break the bank!

Taste - 7.2/10 -Green & Black's chocolate is all organic and has flavours that will please the majority of people while still delivering a good chocolate flavour that isn't just all sugar!
Texture - 7.1/10 - The texture of the chocolate is good throughout their bars; the fruit & nut bars contain just the right ratio of nut/fruit to chocolate and the chocolate has a nice melt on the tongue.
Appearance - 9/10 - The hampers look beautiful and minimal effort is needed to do anything else to them other than get them delivered!
Price - 8.3/10 - At £16 and £25 respectively for the hampers I received they are excellent value for money, especially 'The Chocolate Lovers Collection' which I think is a bargain!
Overall - 7.9/10 - Lovely new gift ideas from the folks at Green & Black's!

Any chocolate lover! The range of hampers that they offer also cater to a variety of people with certain hampers containing bottles of alcohol etc.

You can have a look at the range of hampers that Green & Black's are offering on their website + if you enter LOTOCHOC at the checkout you can grab yourself 10% discount!


  1. Whoa the finishing on these is excellent.

    I hope they tie the ribbons like that for every hamper, along w/ the little strips of brown paper cushioning the bars.

    Good pictures too!

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  3. Wow this is such an impressive visual catalog of what to expect when you buy a Gourmet Christmas Hamper - I'm impressed!