Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hotel Chocolat Mini Christmas Wreath

Some people like filled chocolates for Christmas; a box of chocolates to tempt their fancy, whilst others prefer solid blocks of chocolate, perfect for breaking large chunk off and letting melt in your  mouth. This Hotel Chocolat Wreath offers a nice middle ground, consisting of 100g of mixed 40% milk chocolate and 70% dark chocolate studded with caramelised hazelnuts, cookie pieces and dried cranberries ,it not only has the satisfaction that big chunky bars of chocolate provide but also has a range of different flavours for you to get your teeth into with the addition of the nuts, cookies and fruit pieces!

Hotel Chocolat The Mini Wreath

The 40% milk chocolate makes up the majority of the wreath, unleashing its wonderful creamy caramel cocoa notes reminiscent of Hotel Chocolat's milk chocolate,  whilst the splashes of 70% dark inject a deeper flavour to the wreath making sure that it never gets too sweet and can satisfy both milk & dark chocolate lovers alike!

Hotel Chocolat The Mini Wreath

I'd probably say this was more of a munching chocolate than one to snap off and let melt completely in your mouth as the larger pieces of hazelnuts and cookies make it difficult to allow it to break down in the mouth smoothly. Not that this is a bad thing! The caramelised hazelnuts were definitely a highlight for me; roasted to perfection they provide a wonderful crunchy contrasting texture and provide deep roasted nut flavours. The cookie pieces do a similar job adding a malty crunch; whilst the cranberries provide an all needed burst of freshness & juiciness, it certainly feels like a seasonal chocolate product!

In terms of the dispersion of chunks and fruit pieces throughout the wreath I would say that Hotel Chocolat have succeeded again; there's just the right amount of pieces, not so many that you're not getting much chocolate but not too many that you feel that you're just eating a bag of fruit, nuts and cookies and with every bit you snap off the wreath every part has a different feel to it, depending on how much of each component you have! And I even need to comment on the appearance? Once again Hotel Chocolat has excelled in providing a lovely looking festive chocolate gift and although I'm not a huge fan of fruit and nut in chocolate I can't deny that there'll be many people out there who'll adore this!

Hotel Chocolat The Mini Wreath

Taste -6.9/10 - A lovely contrast between the milk/dark chocolate with wonderful flavours added by the hazelnuts, cookies & cranberries.
Texture - 7.5/10 - A really good thick chunky chocolate wreath, no scrimping here! With a great texture contrast added by the crunchy hazelnuts + cookies.
Appearance - 7.6/10 - Once again, looks beautiful and such attention to detail!
Price - 6.5/10 - This is priced at £6.50 for 100g of be honest though on eating the wreath it felt like it was a lot more that 100g just due to the thickness of it.
Overall - 7.1/10 - A more adult orientated chocolate product from Hotel Chocolat, delicious none the less!


Definitely seems to be one more suited to the older generation, I can't really imagine children enjoying this so much.

You can pick this up at any Hotel Chocolat store or from their website

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