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Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts

These desserts from Hotel Chocolat aren't entirely Christmas related but they certainly would tie in as a lovely Christmas due to their winter theme and flavours. The Winter Desserts selection compromises of 4 chocolates : Christmas Mess, Pecan Pie, Apple Strudel and Chocolate Souffle..although how Chocolate Souffle ties in with winter flavours I'm not all too sure. Nevertheless they still make a lovely selection to choose from.

Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts

Presented in nicely looking box it unfolds to reveal the 4 substantial looking chocolates inside; I decided to start on the one that I already knew best..the Christmas Mess, the famous larger reinvention of the Eton Mess that Hotel Chocolat sell all year round.

Christmas Mess - 8.6/10

Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts

I knew from previous experience how much I loved this chocolate; I remember buying numerous packages of these in the sales last year to share around my friends and family so they all had a chance to experience how delicious they were! The inside is a wonderful creamy strawberry centre double coated in dark and white chocolate with lovely freeze dried fruit pieces + meringue atop to give an extra crunchy texture. Delightful!

Pecan Pie - 9.1/10

Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts

The next chocolate I moved onto was the pecan pie chocolate; a dessert that is famously given at Thanksgiving in America so its nice to see that Hotel Chocolat have decided to integrate it into a UK chocolate box so that we have the chance to see how the flavours may be played out. The first thing that I have to say that this chocolate was heaven; the textures were amazing, a really thick sumptuous caramel and a soft pecan praline topping just melted luxuriously to give wonderful contrasting textures. Although I felt that the stronger caramel flavour dominated the subtler pecan praline tastes it was still a delightful chocolate.

Apple Strudel - 9.3/10

Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts

This was my favourite chocolate of the winter selection; I've never tried apple in a chocolate like this before and I would certainly like to see more flavours like this brought out! The flavours were refreshing yet warming with a wonderful zing from the apple and the woodiness from the cinnamon contrasting perfectly in the delicious creamy centre. The only upsetting thing was that there was only 1 of these in the box..these should definitely be brought out in the selectors as I could definitely do with some more of these!

Chocolate Souffle - 6.7/10

Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts Hotel Chocolat Winter Desserts

I wasn't surprised that I didn't love this one; to me it just didn't seem all that wintery..or exciting; it was still nice, don't get me wrong, but compared to the others in the selection it just didn't have that same wow factor. The light vanilla cream in the centre was a wonderful light texture but I felt it was just far too overpowered by the dark chocolate exterior and the dark chocolate sauce on the bottom and couldn't really see how it was all that much like a chocolate souffle..but more of just a creamy vanilla chocolate.

Overall nevertheless I must say that I love this new product from Hotel Chocolat the chocolates in side were predominantly delicious and with flavours that I haven't really seen elsewhere such as the Apple Studel; however price at £6.50 for 4 chocolates these are quite expensive for what you get and in hard times like today it might be hard for some people to justify paying this.

Taste - 8.4/10 - Generally all of the flavours were really good and I especially enjoyed the Apple Strudel and Pecan Pie.
Texture - 9.4/10 - The textures were all amazing, light creamy and melt in the mouth.
Appearance - 8.9/10 - All of the chocolates look delicious and they are presented in a lovely looking box with good pictures as to what you can expect from the chocolates.
Price - 6.1/10 - These are quite expensive and although they are something a little bit more special they are virtually double what you would pay for a selectors pack and have 2 less chocolates.
Overall - 8.2/10 -A nice different selection of chocolates if you are willing to pay for them.



A nice stocking filler idea.

WHERE TO BUY?You can pick these up from any Hotel Chocolat store or the website

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