Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Amedei Box of 16 Pralines

Having tried a couple of Amedei's bars I really wanted to try some of their filled chocolates; a box of pralines really appealed to me; especially from such a fine chocolate maker such as Amedei, so it was with this that one cold evening I decided to crack open my box and see what delights they had to offer.

Amedei Pralines

The design of the box is certainly withstanding to Amedei's  luxury appeal, with a wonderful anecdote and elaborate menu complete with pictures and details on each of the chocolates. There is even instructions and numbers to the chocolates to illustrate in which order they should be eaten to heighten the experience!

Amedei Pralines                  Amedei Pralines

Inside there are 8 different chocolates; 2 of each kind, Orange & Walnut, Pistachio Marzipan, Mandarin, Hazelnut & Almond, Amaretto, Almond, Cinnamon & Cappuccino. I presume that the order in which  you were meant to eat these chocolates was due to the subtlety of each chocolate, with Cappuccino no doubt being the most powerful it was important to eat this one last as to not affect the taste buds too much for the lighter chocolates.

Amedei Pralines

However despite this I expected so much more flavour from all of the chocolates; they were all very very subtle, with very light notes of each taste in each and I really wish they had packed more of a flavour punch, as to me many of them were unrecognisable and all tasted quite similar.

Amedei Pralines

The only chocolate that really stood out for me was the first one I tried, the Orange & Walnut praline, which was most surprising as walnuts are one of the only nuts I don't like; however in these I felt that it worked very well giving an earthy flavour to the lighter tang of the orange. The rest of the chocolates however I am afraid to say were nothing to be remembered.

Amedei Pralines

It could also just be personal preference but I also found these chocolates to be very very dense; where as I prefer my filled chocolates to be slightly more delicate and lighter in the mouth; these felt almost stodgy and that they may need quite a bit of chewing to get down. On the plus side they were very good to nibble at slowly without collapsing if you wanted to make them last a while.

Amedei Pralines

Overall I would say that these pralines from Amedei were maybe nice to try as a one off but I don't think I would pay the steeper price for these chocolates again as despite the presentation the innards were a bit of an anti-climax for me.

Taste - 6.2/10 - Very plain & subtle, nothing outstanding.
Texture - 6.2/10 - These chocolates were pretty dense and would have preferred something a bit lighter; having said that they were very smooth and obviously made well.
Appearance - 7.2/10 - Although the look of the chocolates is very simplistic I loved how the box was presented & packaged.
Price - 5.1/10 - These are priced at £22.95 which I don't feel is worthwhile considering how much I enjoyed these chocolates.
Overall - 6.2/10 - I wish these had been so much better than they were.

Definitely for someone who might like to try some finer chocolates to compare them to others they have had before.

I got mine from the Chocolate Trading Co.


  1. At first, I gasped and said "AMEDEI MAKES PRALINES" but sadly, they aren't as good as their bars, evidently.

  2. I ADORE Pralines!! Thankyou for the review, they look fantastic but I dont think I'll shell out nearly £23 for these now! lol :( xxx