Monday, 9 January 2012

Cadbury's Wispa Gold

2012 marks an exciting year for us Brits, not only is it the Queen's Diamond Jubilee but we are also hosting the world's most major sporting event, the Olympics, in only a matter of months! With Cadbury's being one of the official sponsors of the Games we have already seen a number of chocolate products begin to grace our shelves, including the chocolate mascots of the Games : Wenlocke & Mandeville; however it is with the relaunch of the Wispa Gold that I bring this review to you.

Cadbury's Wispa Gold

Wispa Gold has sort of flitted on and off the market for a couple of years; making a number of limited edition appearances but never really staying around for all that long, this time however it seems to be different, Wispa Gold is back for good and tying in with the whole 'Going For Gold' motto of the Olympics.

When I first heard that Wispa Gold was going to be reintroduced it brought memories flooding back; the Wispa bars give me a touch of nostalgia; when I was younger I remember every Friday evening me and my parents would go to the local petrol station and each pick up a Wispa : my Father the normal Wispa, my Mother the Wispa Mint & myself the Wispa Gold, I just hoped that when I tried it again many years later that it would be just as enjoyable.

Cadbury's Wispa Gold

From the packaging it is obvious that Cadbury's is really highlighting the whole Olympic Gold element of the bar, with the Wispa name barely noticeable next to the big bold 'GOLD' lettering and the 'Keep Team GB Pumped' slogan. Compared to my memories the bar seemed to have gone on a bit of a diet and seemed slightly slimmer than I remember, 52g, whether this is just me getting bigger or the chocolate bar actually having shrunk I'm not so sure, but with many of today's chocolate bars gradually getting smaller I'm leaning towards the latter.

Cadbury's Wispa Gold

Opening the Wispa Gold you are immediately hit with the sweet sugary distinct smell that can only be Cadbury's and on breaking into the bar you are met with a relatively even proportioned bar of the classic bubbly dense Wispa chocolate underneath a layer of thick Cadbury's Caramel. I must say I do like the textures of the Wispa Gold bar; obviously you have to take it for what it is, it's a sweet sugary "candy" bar with minimal cocoa percentages, but to satisfy a sweet sugar craving it does its job, the aerated bubbly chocolate isn't too crumbly and offers a very satisfying bite due to its denser texture compared to the likes of Aero, whilst the caramel atop is a rich thick texture meaning that it doesn't run all over the place on eating, perfect for on the go!

Cadbury's Wispa Gold

The real question is was it as good as I remember? Well to be honest I think my tastes have changed a lot from when I was younger, with very sweet commercial chocolate bars rarely being my first choice, having said that I still did enjoy this Cadbury's Wispa Gold bar and am certainly glad to see it make its reappearance in support of the Olympics..all I say now is bring back Wispa Mint too!

Taste - 6.4/10 - Your classic sweet creamy Cadbury's chocolate mixed with a sweet classic Cadbury's Caramel.
Texture - 7.2/10 - There is something about the Wispa texture that I really do enjoy in its denser nature, which is not only perfect for munching but also great for dipping into warm drinks, whilst the caramel is a lovely thick consistency.
Appearance - 7/10 - The actual chocolate bar isn't anything amazing but the wrapper certainly makes it clear that this is all about the Olympics.
Price - 7.1/10  - You can pick these up at around the 50p mark from virtually any newsagent/supermarket.
Overall - 6.9/10 - A nice blast from the past, glad its gracing our shelves again!

Something that's suitable for anyone!

Any newsagent/supermarket.

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  1. This is one of my favourite chocolate bars and is by far my favourite caramel bars