Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cote D'or 70% Noir Intense

I picked up this bar of Cote D'or Dark Chocolate when I was on holiday in Europe last year; Cote D'or isn't greatly available in the UK and I wanted to see what they offered when it came to dark chocolate. After trying their La Bouchee, which was fairly sweet and satisfying, I wondered whether they would be able to produce a half decent bar of dark chocolate...I didn't have high hopes.

Cote d'or 70% Noir Intense

On appearance the bar looks like it would be an elegant, sophisticated, good quality bar of chocolate..this certainly is one of those occasions where more thought has gone into the packaging rather than the chocolate itself. Cote D'or seem to make a big deal of ensuring that the chocolate that lurks inside is fresh, double wrapping it in foil, in my opinion they shouldn't have bothered as what lurks beneath the shiny wrapper was the stuff of nightmares.

It appears that the wrapping is the facade the chocolate hide behinds, as in terms of taste and experience it certainly wasn't elegant or sophisticated! I think I would go as far as to say it is one of the worst bars of dark chocolate that I have ever have; even worse than the likes of Bournville etc, at least that has a tiny bit of sugar to give it some enjoyment and doesn't pretend it's ridiculously high end competing with the likes of finer chocolate bars..this bar of Cote d'Or's was part of their "Sensations" range..the only sensation I got with this was repulsion.

Cote d'or 70% Noir Intense

The dark chocolate is completely tasteless, no flavour fact not even an initial flavour, all I got was a tad sour hint and that of burnt cocoa beans, it was even worse than the "basics" ranges you can get at supermarkets. However it didn't stop here not only is the flavour horrific but alas the texture is as well,  dry, cheap and a sad excuse for a bar of dark chocolate! If people think this is what dark chocolate is no wonder there are so many people saying they don't like it!

Taste - 2/10 - Disgusting.
Texture - 3.4/10 - Dry and unappealing.
Appearance - 2.5/10 - Misleading and not suitable for the quality of the product!
Price - 3/10 - I think I paid about £2 for this, biggest waste of £2!
Overall - 2.7/10 - One of the worst bars of chocolate I've tried.


I wouldn't recommend this for anyone!

It's not greatly available in the UK but I'm sure certain stores stock it; other than that if you're holidaying across Europe you should easily be able to grab a bar....if you really want to taste how bad it is.


  1. Oh dear; surely it couldn't have been so bad?

    I had some myself; i thought it was still better than Cadbury's

  2. Oh, I had a sampler of Cote d'or given to me, and the dark chocolate was vile. The milk chocolate was inedible. Gross.

  3. I really disliked it, there was something just so off tasting about it. ughhh.

  4. OMG yes. I've had Cote D-or before and its terrible. I'm glad it wasn't just me that thought so.