Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ritter Sport Espresso

Although Ritter Sport constantly seem to be introducing new flavours in other parts of Europe, the choice available here in the UK stays fairly constant; however this coffee offering is relatively new, at least in my area anyway! The bar comes in the standard 100g square block format and is milk chocolate with a roast Arabica coffee cream filling that makes up 45% of the bar.

Ritter Sport Espresso

I was pleasantly surprised on opening the bar; sometimes "cream" can mean quite a few different things in terms of when paired with chocolate, anyone who's ever had a tub of Cadbury's Roses knows all too well about the infamous sickly Strawberry & Orange Creams that in my opinion are more like runny liquid sugar; however sometimes, in this instance the cream is almost like a mousse/truffle filling and is far more palatable!

The strong smell from the roasted Arabica coffee is apparent on opening the bar and smells of a delicious bag of freshly roasted coffee beans blended with the creamy sweetness of the milk chocolate that enrobes it. For me to enjoy coffee chocolate it has to be of a certain kind; I'm quite funny when it comes to coffee chocolates, they are often either far too sweet or far too  bitter for my palate, nevertheless this Ritter Sport bar was delightful.

Ritter Sport Espresso

The stronger Arabica coffee flavour works perfectly with the sweeter milk chocolate and it is lovely to just pop a small square into your mouth and let it melt slowly letting the smooth coffee truffle like filling slowly break down with the milk chocolate; growing in flavour as it melts giving a rich blend of both coffee and chocolate. 

This chocolate bar was certainly better paired with milk chocolate as I fear that if it had been paired with dark it could have been slightly too strong; but I would even recommend this to those who approach coffee chocolates with caution like me as it definitely hit the spot!

Ritter Sport Espresso

Taste - 8.1/10 - A perfect blend of stronger fresh tasting coffee mixed with the usual sweet creamy Ritter milk chocolate.
Texture - 8/10 - Melts delightfully on the tongue.
Appearance - 7.5/10 - Always love the design of Ritter's bars, the 100g square format is also perfect for resealing.
Price - 7/10 - I think I paid about £1.70 for this bar, an accessible good bar of coffee chocolate, which there isn't many of on the market.
Total - 7.7/10 - Another tasty bar of chocolate courtesy of Ritter Sport!
Anyone who likes coffee chocolates will adore this, but even those who may be a bit indifferent it is worthwhile giving it a try.

I picked mine up from Fenwicks but lots of other newsagents/delicatessens often stock Ritter Sport.

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