Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Cadbury's Philadelphia

Well...its the moment that was inevitable really when Kraft bought out Cadbury's..the cream cheese Philadelphia giants have merged their famous Light Philadelphia Cream Cheese with the classic British Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate to form a new chocolate spread that they think will "transform snack time". Marketed as a rival to the likes of Nutella etc this spread apparently is delicious spread on bread, toast, bagel, biscuit or used as a dip to fruit...but really...chocolate cream cheese..I don't know..would the two go?!

Cadbury's Philadelphia

To be completely honest with you I have been making something similar for quite sometime, I love buying some low fat soft cheese and stirring hot chocolate powder into it to create a luxurious dessert style treat..so I was hoping this version would be at least as good as that. I tried it first straight out of the tub..my initial thought was hmmm..there's something I just can't quite put my finger on.

Cadbury's Philadelphia

It wasn't horrific but it certainly wasn't rich and chocolatey, it does have a very creamy smooth texture but it didn't really taste of Cadbury's, but more of a slight creamy cocoa flavour with a sour after tang..a bit like an attempt at a  chocolate yoghurt I would imagine.

Moving on I attempted to try it on a little bread bun..hoping that this would improve it slightly..which it didn't, infact it was even worse than eating it by itself, the flavour contrasts just didnt work, you had savoury, sweet and sour all going on at the same time and poor Mr Bread Bun went straight in the bin.

Cadbury's Philadelphia

I was beginning to think there was no hope for this product, I wasn't enjoying it whatsoever so left it a couple of days to go back to, incase I changed my mind. I kept hearing people talking about it in the supermarket and on various other sites saying how much they loved it and how delightful it was, so I 
attempted to try it on a biscuit. I applied a thick layer of the Philadelphia spread atop the biscuit and bit in. No, sorry I just don't think it works. 

Cadbury's Philadelphia

If I wanted chocolate I certainly wouldn't reach for this, other people may like it but it just wasn't for me and it saddens me to see that Cadbury's has been reduced to this.

Taste - 5/10 - Distinctly average, edible but not something I would have on my shopping list.
Texture - 6.4/10 - The texture is creamy and smooth..just like that of cream cheese really.
Appearance - 5/10 - What can you say really..its a tub of cream cheese?
Price - 5.6/10 - Priced at £1.62 for a 160g it's competitively priced if you like it.
Overall - 5.5/10 - Sorry but not for me.

It seems to be aimed towards women wanting a healthier chocolate spread but I can imagine some kids probably wanting to try it as well.

Most major supermarkets in the chilled aisle where you would find cream cheese etc.


  1. thsnks I know now to steer clear ;o)

  2. its just chocolate cheesecake ><