Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Galaxy Hot Chocolate + Competition!

Although the weather seems to be getting a bit milder I fear that we're not out of the woods yet and when it comes to a cold dark night there's nothing nicer than to get warm and snug with a warm cup of hot chocolate to settle you for the night! The lovely folks from Galaxy sent me over their hot chocolate range for me to sample + a lovely looking Galaxy mug and offered the oppurtunity for 3 of my lucky readers to have a chance of winning the same!
So before you start reading to see what these are like make sure to get yourselves over to the Lot-O-Choc Twitter page and Follow and RT for a chance to win all of these hot chocolates + a Galaxy Hot Chocolate Mug!

The 4 types of hot chocolate ranged from the simple Classic, Instant, Frothy Top all the way up to the more sophisticated Luxury Hot Chocolate that came topped with marshmallows and in its own microwaveable mug!

The Instant is fairly simplistic in terms of making it up; you simply add boiling water and stir in the hot chocolate mix, for an instant hot chocolate it tastes quite creamy and thankfully its not too sweet or sickly so it doesn't feel like you are drinking liquid sugar. Unfortunately it doesn't have the same strong flavour that some other instant hot chocolates have, such as Options or Cadbury's Highlights but this is probably due to the lack of artificial sweeteners and was still pleasantly tasty.

Galaxy Hot Chocolate Review + Competition

Moving on I decided to sample the Frothy Top, this can be made up with either water or hot milk depending on how indulgent you want your experience to be; I quite liked the idea of this product, when the hot liquid is added the top of the hot chocolate bubbles and froths up, creating a delightful texture in the mouth, that adds that little bit of extra creaminess. I found this to be nicer than the instant hot chocolate and whether made with water or milk it felt a bit more of a treat.

Galaxy Hot Chocolate Review + Competition

However it was no where near as indulgent as the Luxury Hot Chocolate that was next on offer; coming in it's own microwaveable mug and with a separate compartment filled with marshmallows to put on top this was a delight. Opening it up it looked a bit suspect to be honest..a bit like an off chocolate pudding, but on heating it turned into a deliciously smooth luxury hot chocolate drink and with the addition of the marshmallows atop created a wonderful melted sweet chocolate experience. The only downside I can find in this product is that unfortunately it did contain vegetable oil, which it saddens me to say, is becoming ever  more prevalent in modern day commercial chocolate products. Nevertheless most of the population I'm sure would love this, it certainly feels like a "treat drink".

Galaxy Hot Chocolate Review + Competition

My final hot chocolate to try was the Classic blend from Galaxy, unfortunately this wasn't a case of save the best til last as this was actually my least favourite of the lot, by no means was it bad, I just felt that it didn't seem as special as any of the other products, being simply just cocoa powder and sugar really. Made up with milk it is a creamy comforting drink but I would say it was more a mug of warm cocoa than a rich indulgent hot chocolate.

Galaxy Hot Chocolate Review + Competition

Taste - 6.6/10 - Overall all of these hot chocolates were pleasant, I can't decide what my favourite was between the Frothy Top/Luxury..I think it would just depend what you were looking for in the moment.
Texture - 6.1/10 - All of the hot chocolates were creamy and smooth and pretty easy to make up.
Appearance - 7.2/10 - They all look lovely and come in easy storeable containers/their own microwaveable mug.
Price - 6.7/10 - All of the hot chocolates are competitively priced within the hot chocolate market.
Overall - 6.6/10 - Tasty hot chocolate treats!
There's a hot chocolate for every occasion here.

These are stocked at all major supermarkets.


  1. Sounds like a good competition. I love Galaxy Chocolate and their hot chocolate isn't bad either!!

  2. I've never tried Galaxly Chocolate or their hot chocolate, but they sound great! :)