Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Go* Do Chocolate

It seems many more companies are now launching into the organic side of chocolate, creating products that can often be found in health food shops marketed as a "healthier, more natural"  chocolate product as opposed to many mass consumer bars. Go*Do, an Italian-based firm, is one of these companies. Producing a range of small treat sized bars in a range of different flavours I got the opportunity to sample their White Chocolate Vanilla & their 60% Dark Chocolate to see what they were all about.

On researching a bit about Go*Do I found out that this word, in Italian, means sensual pleasure, so I was really hoping that these would be a tasty little morsel of chocolate for me to tuck into one afternoon. Naturally I decided to start on the white chocolate..it just seemed the obvious choice before moving onto the darker bar, looking at the ingredients it certainly is a lot better than what you will see from the likes of Milky Bar etc, with a good respectable 30% cocoa solids.

Go*Do Chocolate

Quite often when vanilla is added to chocolate it doesn't really work, or is just used to flavour a poorly made chocolate; however in this bar I found it really worked, with the little flecks of black vanilla scattered through the white chocolate it was delightfully creamy and tasted like a really good vanilla ice cream. It's not often that I find a white chocolate that I really like as all too often they are far too sweet for me but I would certainly go out and get a bar of this if a white chocolate craving took hold of me.

Go*Do Chocolate

I hoped that the 60% dark chocolate would be equally as good; unfortunately it didn't live up to expectations, I suppose on comparing to other dark chocolate bars I've tried it just didn't have that same deep flavour to it, it was fairly simplistic in the flavours it offered with just quite a simple robust cocoa flavour and I found the texture to be a bit dry.

Go*Do Chocolate

Having said that I do like the idea of these bars, they're small, 35g, convenient and easy to pop into your bag/pocket incase you're in need of a chocolate fix and grabbing one of these is certainly going to taste a lot better than picking up one of your regular chocolate bars from the newsagents!

Go*Do Chocolate

Taste - 7.5/10 - The white chocolate with vanilla was lovely, like eating a bar of vanilla ice cream.
          - 5.4/10 - I found the dark chocolate to be a tad too plain for me, it wasn't anything amazing.
Texture - 6/10 - Overall I would probably give these a six, the white chocolate was creamy and smooth but I found the dark chocolate to be a bit dry.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - The matte paper they are packaged in is looks really good, with a nice simplistic but classy feel about them.
Price - 6.3/10 - These are priced at around 99p a bar, I think this is an affordable decent price for a small treat.
Overall - 6.3/10 - A good change to a standard commercial chocolate bar.

I'd probably recommend these as an "on the go" chocolate bar, rather than one you might buy to take home, due to the smaller more convenient size of them.

You can pick Go*Do up from all over the place, Holland & Barratt is definitely one store that stocks them, failing that you can visit their website.

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  1. Hmm sounds tempting. I'm not usually a fan of white chocolate, either - it's typically too sweet for my taste - but I'd love to find a white chocolate bar that was creamy without being super sweet. I might have to give this a try!