Saturday, 25 February 2012

Jeff de Bruges Cote d'Ivoire 33%

You may remember me having been quite disappointed at the chocolate selection that I picked up from Jeff de Bruges when I was in Paris, of course, whilst being there, I thought it was only fair to sample one of their bars as well to see how that compared to that of their filled chocolates. There was quite a large amount of bars to choose from but I was in a milk chocolate mood that day so opted for his 33% made from cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast, the worlds biggest cocoa producer.

The way the bar is presented is stylishly simplistic, a good splash of colour, a little map to show where the Ivory Coast is located and details of not only the tasting  notes one can expect in the bar but also information about how the beans that have been used to make this bar are part of the QPP program, a unique cocoa sustainability program founded by Barry Callebaut, ensuring that cocoa farmers and their families are supported whilst teaching them how to produce better cocoa beans.

Jeff de Bruges Cote d'Ivoire 33%

It's good to know that as you devour your way through the chocolate bar that the beans that have been used to make it have been sourced in fair, ethical manner; something that is becoming ever more important nowadays, and that is always extremely important to myself when I am looking to purchase chocolate. The real question though is how was it?

The bar isn't superbly moulded; there were quite a few air bubbles in it to begin with and it doesn't look the most spectacular of bars. However not being one to judge a book by its cover I snapped myself off a piece of the chocolate and began to let it melt in my mouth.

Jeff de Bruges Cote d'Ivoire 33%

I'd say this is a really good bar of chocolate to get the masses of the population off the sweeter commercial stuff; as the taste of it is a bit like a deeper more intense version of Galaxy, theres light creamy caramel, toffee and fudge notes with a background creaminess..although according to the packaging I was meant to pick up subtle notes of ripe apple and spice..not something that I tasted unfortunately.

If you're looking to try something a bit more special compared to your usual bar of sweet Galaxy chocolate I would definitely opt for this; not only is it a higher 33% cocoa but the beans used in it have also been sourced ethically..a much tastier treat.

Jeff de Bruges Cote d'Ivoire 33%

Taste - 6.9/10 - Certainly for when you fancy something a bit sweeter but quite pleasant, tasting like a better version of Galaxy chocolate.
Texture - 5.8/10 - The texture of it wasn't amazing, it was quite creamy but nothing spectacular.
Appearance - 6/10 - I love the exterior, not so fond of the look of the actual bar.
Price - 7.2/10 - I paid €2.70 for an 80g bar of this, quite good value I think considering you might pay around 60p for a bar of 40g Galaxy.
Overall - 6.5/10 - A much nicer treat compared to the last selection I tried from Jeff de Bruges.
Any milk chocolate lover is bound to at least think this is palatable!

You can pick this up from any of Jeff de Bruges shops or online via the website.

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  1. Interesting, most cacao from Cote d'Ivoire is treated so terribly that it tastes awful, so I've never seen a single-origin bar from there before. Also interesting that it wasn't terrible.