Sunday, 12 February 2012

Leonidas Milk Chocolate 30%

Out of all the different varieties of chocolates I've tried I always seem to  have a soft spot for Belgian companies when it comes to milk chocolate treats; some people may not be a fan of the creamier milky chocolate that they produce, but I am normally always in the mood for a good decent bar/box of Belgian chocolates. This is why I was quite surprised that I didn't particularly enjoy this bar of milk chocolate from Leonidas.

Leonida's Milk Chocolate 30%

Leonidas chocolates is one of the big chocolate companies, along with Neuhaus, that comes to mind when you hear of Belgian Chocolates, created in 1913, they've been kicking around for quite some time so I was expecting so much more when I bought this little bar of milk chocolate.

Leonida's Milk Chocolate 30%

Rolling in at 30% it's not the richest of milk chocolates and lies just above the borderline of acceptability for a milk chocolate, there was no real deep cocoa flavour in this bar of chocolate, not that I was expecting one anyway..but where I was really let down was the lack of creaminess from this bar. To me a bar of Belgian Milk Chocolate should be so delightfully rich, milky and creamy that I can only manage to eat a little bit of it at a time.

Leonida's Milk Chocolate 30%

This however was nothing of the sort and was greatly lacking in flavour; tasting more like a cheap moulded chocolate that you may get around seasonal times such as Christmas or Easter; although the packaging was relatively pretty and had a sort of "Wonka Bar" feel to it what with its golden wrapping it certainly wasn't one I would recommend as even the melt of the bar was flawed with no rich enrobing feel whatsoever!

Taste - 5.4/10 - A great let down compared to what I expect from a good Belgian Chocolate bar.
Texture - 5.2/10 - Melt was dry and completely sumptuous.
Appearance - 6.1/10 - Distinctly average, the gold wrapping is pretty but the chocolate itself doesn't look particularly well made.
Price - 4.5/10 - I paid £1.50 for this bar; definitely not worth it!
Overall - 5.3/10 - Not one of the nicest milk chocolate bars I've tried.
I guess this would really be suitable for anyone in terms of the product it is, but if I were you I'd search out something a bit nicer if you're looking for a good milk chocolate bar.

I bought mine in a chocolate shop in Oxford but you can also have a look at Leonida's website.

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  1. I've heard nothing but bad reviews from reviewers and personal relations about Leonidas. Sorry you had to go through it for this review!