Sunday, 5 February 2012

Moser Roth Dark Mousse au Chocolat

Although people rave about the bargains that can be found in Aldi I very rarely do my full food shop there, all of the stores located near me are all too small for me to be able to get everything that I want but they often do contain a good range of chocolate for me to pick and choose from. After munching my way through their Choceur bar, I really wanted to sample what the other main brand they stocked was like, Moser Roth. I've tried a few of their truffles before, which I must say are amazing..but this isn't about them, this is about their Mousse Au Chocolat bars.

Moser Roth Mousse au Chocolat

Described as "lightly whipped creamy chocolate mousse coated in an 85% dark chocolate shell" I was expecting one large bar with a fluffy light centre, what I got however was quite different. Firstly this isn't one large bar but 5 individually wrapped smaller bars laid out neatly inside; I must stop here and say how much I really liked the design of the packaging and the care that has obviously been put into this product. Despite being priced at only £1.19 it looks like a really classy product and is great for sharing out the chocolate between friends!

Moser Roth Mousse au Chocolat

When I snapped a cube off one of the bars however I was quite surprised; as the inner "mousse" filling didn't look mousse-like whatsoever, but appeared more aerated and bubbly like the texture of that of an Aero/Wispa. I checked the sale by date and it was well within it, so I presume this is just what their version of mousse was like..slightly disappointing to say the least!

Moser Roth Mousse au Chocolat

The 85% dark chocolate wasn't as deep or as flavourful as I expected it was going to be, just doing the job to provide a less sweet counter balance to the innards, so on this front at least it wasn't overly sickly sweet and would most likely satisfy most chocolate lovers cravings...but was it amazing? No not really,  after trying one bar I didn't want to go back for anymore and the "mousse"...well what can you say..mousse..I think not!

Moser Roth Mousse au Chocolat

Taste - 5.6/10 - A relatively standard dark chocolate flavour counter balancing the sweet interior. Nothing spectacular.
Texture - 3.7/10 - I was very disappointed with the texture, it was neither light or moussy!
Appearance - 6.7/10 - I do really like the presentation of these bars and also think it's a good idea that they are separated and portioned into 5 individually wrapped bars.
Price - 7.5/10 - At £1.19 these are certainly good value for money if you want something rich and chocolatey that isn't going to break the bank..if only the mousse was superior these would certainly have been something to write home about.
Overall - 5.9/10 - If only the mousse had been fluffier!

Great for sharing amongst friends or a nice treat size bar to eat on the go.

You can pick up Moser Roth at Aldi supermarkets.

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