Monday, 27 February 2012

Priscilla Bonbones - Liquours

I had the delights of a friend bringing me back lots of chocolate from his trip to Amsterdam for me to sample; featuring a large range of chocolates that just aren't available in the UK. These 4 substantial looking chocolates are from Priscilla and each feature a liquor flavour centre. Each chocolate is topped with a different colour to highlight the different flavours of liquor although no actual details were given as to what each flavour was.

Priscilla Bonbones Liquors

The first thing I can say is that these are certainly decent sized chocolates; no skimpy portions here but for me, normally I am not a lover of liquor chocolates so I wasn't holding any expectations as for me to love and adore these chocolates. I bit into my first one with trepidation.. with really alcoholic chocolates I normally have to tread carefully as too big a bite and my mouths burning with the strong alcohol flavours, some people love this, I however do not.

Priscilla Bonbones Liquors

Thankfully these chocolates weren't strong on the alcohol front at all, the insides were more of a just creamy subtly flavoured alcohol centre; although this did make it very hard to distinguish what flavour each chocolate was actually meant to be!

There was no alcoholic burn whatsoever and for me this was perfect, but for these to be sold as liquor chocolates I can imagine there's been some alcohol chocolate fans who were extremely let down with the subtly of flavours present here. If you want some liquor chocolates to knock  your socks off I wouldn't recommend these but in terms of overall flavour for me I found them to be moderately pleasant. They were edible, creamy and a fairly decent size but they didn't rock my world.

Priscilla Bonbones Liquors

Taste - 6/10 - A fairly nice creamy centre but any liquor lovers will be extremely disappointed and I have a feeling that the milk chocolate exterior wasn't the best quality chocolate.
Texture - 7.1/10 - The textures were pretty good, creamy, smooth and sumptuous.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - These look fairly pretty with the dotted colour tops and the good portion received but the chocolate doesn't look the best of quality,
Price - NA/10 - I'm not sure what my friend paid for these.
Overall - 6.5/10 - Something nice to try but probably not one that I'd rush back to.

Strangely enough anyone who isn't looking for a liquor chocolate...which suggest theses shouldn't be sold as liquors due to how subtle they are!!

I can't find a website for Priscilla so I presume the only place you can buy them in is Amsterdam.

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  1. Hey!

    Yep these are from the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam.

    Google 'albert cuyp chocolate' and you should see this =)