Sunday, 19 February 2012

Venchi Gianduja

Venchi is a company whose products I have wanted to sample for quite some time; a gourmet Italian company they are renowned for their Giandujas and other nut based chocolates; however I'd never seen any of their products in shops near me so when I spotted in Marks & Spencers international food range this bar of Venchi Italian Gianduja made with the finest Piedmont hazelnuts I snapped up the oppurtunity to get my hands on it.

Venchi Gianduja

I had very high expectations for this; with Gianduja originating from Turin, Venchi's birthplace, I expected it to be superb, using 31.5% cacao solids & the bar make up containing 40% hazelnuts, 25% Piedmont hazelnut paste and  15% whole hazelnuts dotted throughout the bar, it also contained good detailed information on not only the history of the Gianduja and how the hazelnuts within the bar were deemed as the world's best, but also presented good nutritional information for anyone concerned.

Pulling the thick chocolate rectangular Gianduja block out of its silver wrapping I could tell just from looking at it how creamy and luxurious the texture of it was going to be, my knife just slid through it with complete ease as I cut myself a good decent block of this delightful looking treat. The Gianduja literally just melts in your mouth; I honestly can say that..for was one of the nicest things I have ever tasted, the creamy chocolate nutty paste mixed with the wonderfully toasted crunchy hazelnuts spread throughout the bar was like heaven!

Venchi Gianduja

It enrobed my mouth like a wave lapping over the sand on the shore, completely coating my mouth a pool of delicious chocolate goodness, never becoming too sweet or too sickly, but was just rich enough to satisfy even the most severe of chocolate cravings. I didn't think I would say this but this Venchi Gianduja even surpassed my expectations..and they were set pretty excelled in everything I could ever hope for in a Gianduja!

Venchi Gianduja

Taste - 9.4/10 - The perfect mixture between chocolate and nut, never becoming sickening.
Texture - 9.6/10 - Amazing, melt in the mouth with a wonderful contrast presented from the crunchy hazelnuts.
Appearance - 9.1/10 - Presented excellently; good detailed information and the block of Gianduja looks pristine.
Price - 8.7/10 - This was quite expensive. I think it was priced at around £4.49 for a 80g block but I think it was completely worth the money and would quite happily pay that again and again.
Overall - 9.2/10 - Spectacular.

Certainly anyone that loves pralines/gianduja like me!

I picked mine up at M&S's international food section but you can also buy it online on  Venchi's shop.


  1. wow, sounds very good. I'll be sure to grab it if I can find it in the US.

    Is this your highest rating yet?

  2. Was amazing! Loved it..I think one of the highest..the only other one that may have got as high is the Artisn du Chocolat Creme de la Creme Eggs last year. mm.

  3. Hmm, this looks good! Like a giant Ragusa.