Friday, 16 March 2012

Chococo Selection

Well guys I've just got back from New York a couple of days ago and all I can say is yum at all the goodies I brought back..some lovely looking chocolates bought out their ranging from Mast Brothers to Vosges..will be some good reviews coming up for you soon. In the mean time I have this delicious selection  box of chocolates I purchased from Chococo to tell you all about.

Chococo Chcoolate Selection

I'd been eying up Chococo's chocolate boxes for quite some time so when I saw them in a local shop near me I just had to pick them up; they sounded the perfect selection for myself, no alcohol and a range of delicious pralines and caramels for me to sink my teeth into!

Chococo Chcoolate Selection

The selection consisted of a Tate Heart, a lovely light smooth hazelnut praline, Crunchy Nuts, a hazelnut and almond praline, Heavenly Honeycomb, Caramel Kiss & Toffee Nut, rich dulce de leche with the Toffee Nut containing a crunchy hazelnut in the centre, Orange Odyssey, an orange praline, Tutti Fruitti, Nutty Nutmeg, Angelic Almond, Chilli Cacao & Marzipan Maniz. A completely delightful selection containing something for everyone.

Chococo Chcoolate Selection         Chococo Chcoolate Selection

It's very rare for me to find a chocolate selection box where I virtually love every chocolate in the box; however this certainly was the case here, this isn't a chocolate box for sharing! The pralines were delicious, light, and with sweet nutty flavours, the honeycomb was crunchy and sweet atop a thick base of creamy milk chocolate; neverthless the highlights of this chocolate box were the Caramel Kiss & the Toffee Nut without a second doubt. The rich dulce de leche filling was out of this world; the best caramel I have had in a long time, rich, luxurious with wonderful sweet toffee notes and the texture literally enrobing the whole of your mouth.

Chococo Chcoolate Selection

Virtually every chocolate in this box was delicious, the only let down for me was the Chilli Cacao, which didn't provide much heat at all and the Marzipan Maniz which I found to be slightly dry; although I put this down to the chocolates nearing their best before date.

Chococo Chcoolate Selection

If you're looking for a tasty high quality chocolate box, that has simple classic flavours that work and will be suited to everyone's tastes I can't recommend these more..I'd just make sure to eat them when no one else is around to make sure you get all the tastiest ones!

Chococo Chcoolate Selection

Taste - 8.2/10 - A lovely selection; a good variety of flavours to try.
Texture - 8.4/10 - Textures were all very good
Appearance - 8.1/10 - Presented in a stylish block colour box not only do they look great from the outside but the chocolates inside also look like they have been made with care.
Price - 8.5/10 - These were priced at £15 for 16 where I bought them from; really good value at less than £1 a chocolate!
Overall - 8.3/10 - Yum!

I bought mine from John Lewis but the easiest place to pick them up from is the Chococo website.

This box of chocolates contains classic tasty flavours that would appeal to anyone.

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  1. I'd have bought those chocolates just for the box - I love that pattern. They sound and look like good value for money.