Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dairy Milk Olympic Postcard

It won't be too long before the whole of England is in fully fledged Olympic spirit with British flags flying high; however one of the official sponsors of the games, Cadburys, is already rolling out many products to get in line with capturing the Olympic spirit. One of the newest products is the limited edition cardboard packs containing a postcard inside that you can send in with a message to Team GB to cheer them on! Every postcard that is sent in will also be entered into the chance to win one of 150 tickets to the official Team GB launch concert at the Royal Albert Hall in May.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Postcard

Dairy Milk is one of those chocolates that I wouldn't really choose unless I was really craving something sugary but for the majority of consumers this is your classic, milky, sweet Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate, cubed into nicely sized edible chunks. I actually preferred the style of the cubes in this bar compared to that of the regular Dairy Milk; I found that the smaller smoother style chunks melted easier in the mouth and I found myself thinking that the chocolate surprisingly tasted better than usual!

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Postcard

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Postcard

However for any Cadbury's fans these packs aren't just available in classic Dairy Milk, but also Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut, Caramel & Turkish Delight, in either 120g packs or 230g. I think with all the Olympic hysteria that seems to be going on at the moment I maybe would have preferred if Cadbury's had at least tried to launch something really new, a new limited edition Olympic themed bar for example; however there's still time left and although these new limited edition cardboard packs aren't spectacular in terms of innovation they are a nice little novel treat that I think I would probably choose over a classic bar of Dairy Milk whilst they were on offer.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Postcard

Taste - 6.3/10 - Your classic sweet, milky Dairy Milk flavour..although I actually thought this tasted slightly better than usual.
Texture - 6.5/10 - Better sized chunks than usual that melted nicely on the tongue.
Appearance - 7.4/10 - The pack looks really good, presented in a cardboard exterior with the Union Jack postcard inside.
Price - 6.2/10 - Priced at £1.39 for the 120g pack or £1.99 fort the 230g pack this is only marginally more expensive than your classic bars of chocolate.
Overall - 6.6/10 - A little bit of something to get you in Olympic spirit but would have liked to have seen a bit more innovation.

Anyone that likes Dairy Milk who wants the chance to get involved in the Olympic hysteria.

All major retailers will stock this.


  1. I will have to have a look for this...

    ...something to keep for Evie (the postcard abd the exterior) and Mummy can have the chocolate ;o)

  2. I like the packaging and do like Cadburys but prefer the texture of Galaxy.