Sunday, 18 March 2012

Michel Cluizel Maralumi 47%

There's something really spectacular about Michel Cluizel's chocolate bars; even more so when you purchase them from one of his actual chocolate boutiques, the delightful looking pastries and cakes in the window, the delicious selection of chocolates that can be hand picked to take away and the shelves packed with sophisticated, elegant looking chocolate bars.

Michel Cluizel Maralumi 47%

This Maralumi Milk Chocolate, 47%, from Cluizel, is made using fine single origin cocoa from Papua New Guinea and is described as having notes of red berries, bananas, blueberries and even "salty caramel". It really still does amaze me that so many different flavours can be found from the simple cocoa bean yet even in this milk bar, normally less powerful than their dark counterparts due to the addition of sugar, more milk etc, the flavours were astounding.

Michel Cluizel Maralumi 47%

For me, I mainly got a strong flavour of bananas, leading way to light berries finishing with just a dash of saltiness on the palate; to my palate the banana taste was certainly the most prominent and tasted so fresh and natural that it's amazing that no bananas are actually used in this chocolate bar's production!

Michel Cluizel Maralumi 47%

The texture was classic of Cluizel's milk bars; rich, creamy and oh so indulgent, it's just delightful to pop a square in your mouth and let it slowly melt allowing time to appreciate all the flavours present in this milk chocolate bar.

Michel Cluizel Maralumi 47%

Anyone who thinks that milk chocolate is just sugar really needs to try this bar, as it is one of the best, if not the best, milk chocolate bar I've tried in terms of the flavour profile it offers; you can really tell how well it has been made and I only wish I hadn't gobbled it down so quickly!

Taste - 9.3/10 - A superb flavour profile for a milk chocolate bar, outstanding.
Texture - 9.2/10 - Rich, creamy, indulgent and just enrobes the mouth in a thick rich chocolate paste.
Appearance - 8.5/10 - Nicely presented, with good details on what flavours you should be expecting from this bar; I really like it when a bar is presented with this, it gives a good idea what to look out for!
Price - 8.9/10 - At £3.95 from The Chocolate Trading Company this is a bargain!
Overall - 9/10 - Any milk chocolate lovers just have to try this bar..I think I've found my perfect "banana chocolate" and the surprising thing is, is that it doesn't even contain banana!

From any of Michel Cluizel's boutiques or online from The Chocolate Trading Company.

For people who enjoy finer chocolates and don't mind shelling out a bit more on a bar of milk chocolate.

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  1. I'd be interested to try this as I like milk chocolate but it seems supreme looking at your scores. Mmm interesting.