Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thorntons Banoffee Pie Egg

Well, well, well, it's less than a month until Easter now, and the shops are certainly filling up with chocolate eggs, bunnies, lambs and the like to tempt you. With so many different chocolate products its sometimes hard to know which one to buy! It's nice to see that this year Thorntons have decided to throw something new into the mix for this years Easter products; for the past few years it seems that they have just relaunched the same products over and over again whilst companies like Hotel Chocolat etc launch new innovative ideas.

Thorntons Banoffee Pie Egg

This year however Thorntons have brought classic British puds to Easter eggs: Banoffee Pie, Eton Mess and Lemon Meringue Pie. The Banoffee Pie Egg, which I am bringing to you today, consists of a 30% milk chocolate egg pressed with dried banana pieces, Thornton's classic toffee and drizzled with white chocolate.

To look at, it looks like a pretty hefty egg, weighing it an 430g, it's quite reasonably sized, and would be perfect for either sharing with a few people on Easter Sunday or to give to one big sweet tooth for them to gobble down over the space of a few days...or weeks.

Thorntons Banoffee Pie Egg

However be warned if you're planning to share this egg on Easter Sunday, it is quite messy to cut into, and if you don't want your carpet sprayed with chocolate chunks, banana pieces and toffee shards, then I would recommend cutting it safely in the kitchen! Despite this the banana pieces are a good decent size and every now and then you get a good big chunk of toffee to sink your teeth into; although I would have liked to have seen the pieces more evenly distributed throughout the whole egg rather than all just placed in the centre.

The milk chocolate is Thornton's classic creamy sweet milk chocolate, for me, I find it a bit too sweet, but for the mass population I'm sure it would go down well; however the banana and the toffee pieces made it even more sweeter and I must admit that I did get a bit of a throat burn due to the sheer sugariness of it!

Thorntons Banoffee Pie Egg

It's nice to see Thornton's innovating and  bringing out new things, but I think that this could do with a little tweaking, it didn't really remind me all that much of Banoffee Pie, maybe a bit more inclusion of something "caramelly" would have been better, but if you've got a sweet tooth and want a good decent sized egg for your money then this is probably a good bet.

Taste - 5.6/10 - It didn't really remind me of Banoffee Pie that much and I found it quite sweet.
Texture - 5.8/10 - The chewy toffee, crunchy banana and smooth milk chocolate at least provide some texture contrast.
Appearance - 6.2/10 - The egg looks really pretty but as said previously I would have liked the distribution of toffee and banana chunks to be better dispersed throughout the egg.
Price - 6.1/10 - At £14.99 it isn't the cheapest of eggs, but you do get a good decent amount of chocolate, and at least it is something a bit different rather than your standard milk chocolate egg.
Overall - 5.9/10 - A nice change but nothing amazing.

Anyone with a massive sweet tooth, I took the rest of the egg into the people at work, and they loved it.

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  1. Wow how innovative, what a good idea. Think I'll be taking a look at these - banoffee one for me and the lemon meringue one for my husband.

  2. You can shatter it right in the box and not have any mess at all. Delicious!