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Daniel Jones Milk Chocolate Bars

I love it when a new Artisan chocolatier pops up on the scene and I had been hearing things about Daniel Jones since Chocolate Unwrapped last year, so when I eventually got the chance to try out some of his bars my taste buds were salivating with excitement!
Daniel Jones Luxury Chocolate Bars

Daniel is based in Shropshire, and produces a range of unique style chocolate bars, filled chocolates, nibbles and drinks! The delights I was sent to sample were part of his chocolate bars range, the first ones I will focus on are the milk bars I was sent : Tonka Bean, Nuts & Seeds and Orange & Bee Pollen!

It's nice to see that Daniel creates a range of not only simplistic bars that will cater to everyone's tastes but also some slightly more adventurous bars for those wanting to broaden their horizons, such as the Orange & Bee Pollen.

All of Daniel's chocolate bars come in a 50g square format wrapped in a thick paper with a nice bit of information on the inside about Daniel, contact details and the production of his products.
Daniel Jones Luxury Chocolate Bars

Tonka Bean - 8.4/10

Daniel Jones Luxury Chocolate Bars Daniel Jones Luxury Chocolate Bars

The first bar I decided to try was that of the Tonka Bean, I remember trying Thornton's version quite some time ago and finding it quite pleasant, this however, has now been discontinued, so I was looking forward to sampling Daniel's offering. He uses fine quality Dominican Republic Trinitario cocoa to create a delicious milk chocolate in which he blends the tonka bean with. The texture of this bar is divine, heavenly, with such a wonderful melt on the tongue allowing all the notes of both the tonka bean and the creamy milk chocolate to come through, sending you on a merry pathway of flavours of caramel, vanilla & nut as the chocolate slides delightfully down your throat. It's no wonder that this bar was voted customer favourite of 2011!

Nuts & Seeds - 8.7/10

Daniel Jones Luxury Chocolate Bars Daniel Jones Luxury Chocolate Bars
I absolutely adore the texture contrast that nuts and seeds add to a chocolate bar, when done correctly, they are one of my favourite additions to a simplistic bar of chocolate. When the background chocolate is of a good quality they help to complement and add a depth of flavour with that added tasty crunch. This bar hit the spot perfectly for me; studded with almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds, I could have quite easily eaten this bar 3 times over. Again using Dominican Republic chocolate the rich caramel, toffee, fudge and vanilla flavours are delightful with the a good creamy melt; whilst the addition and dispersion of the nuts and seeds just help to provide a wonderful crunch and nutty edge. My idea of heaven!

Limited Edition Orange & Bee Pollen - 6.1/10 Daniel Jones Luxury Chocolate Bars Daniel Jones Luxury Chocolate Bars
This is certainly a bar for people who enjoy floral flavours in their chocolate, as I nibbled my way through it I couldn't quite decide whether I liked it or not, the bee pollen atop, provides a slightly furry fuzzy texture which wasn't particularly to my liking but the orange zest blended within the milk chocolate offered a light refreshing flavour that was delightfully palate cleansing and delicious. However when the two flavours of the bee pollen and the orange combined I just couldn't quite get my head around it, it was certainly a good floral bar but it was a bit too much for my liking, I prefer my milk chocolates to be creamy and rich rather than offering floral flavours. After speaking to a friend however they thoroughly enjoyed this bar, so maybe it's just down to personal preference.

Overall I was highly impressed with what Daniel Jones had to offer, the sample of the milk bars I tried from him were of the highest quality and I love how even on bars with additions etc the quality of the milk chocolate in the background stays superior. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what the future will hold for new additions to his range.

Taste - 7.7/10 - A lovely range of superior quality milk chocolate bars.
Texture - 8.5/10 - All the textures were really good, a nice creamy, smooth melt.
Appearance - 6.9/10 - Relatively simplistic but still look nice.
Price - 6.7/10 - Each one of these is priced at £3.99 a bar, definitely putting it in the higher end range, but they are of a superior quality.
Overall - 7.5/10 - A delicious selection of milk chocolate bars.

WHO FOR?Any milk chocolate lovers should adore these. They certainly make a nice little treat for oneself.

You can pick these up at Daniel Jones' shop or online here.

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  1. The Bee Pollen Bar was phenomenal. Transcendant! haha you're right though; i can imagine it being one quite dependent onpersonal tastes - the "furry" aspect of the bee pollen may not be favourable to all.

    -The Exercising Male