Sunday, 1 April 2012

House of Dorchester Chocolate Fudge Stir Hot Chocolate

I'm one of those types of people that could quite happily drink warm comforting drinks all year round; I don't know whether it's just because, to be frank, England doesn't get all that warm, or whether I am just happy to drink hot chocolate, tea, coffee even in the hottest of temperatures. Either way I think there's something nice on a night time snuggling down with a hot drink.

House of Dorchester Fudge Hot Chocolate Stirrer

There's so many different types of hot chocolate now, but chocolate stirrers seem to be becoming ever more popular, this one I bring you here is from House of Dorchester and is of the chocolate fudge variety. Taking it out of its packaging it has a very strong fudgy smell which is certainly followed through on flavour.

I had a little nibble of the chocolate itself to try before making it into a hot chocolate, quite sweet, infact a tad too sweet for me, but once stirred into warm milk to make a delicious hot chocolate the sweetness is neutralised slightly and becomes more creamy and you're left with a nice fudgy chocolate mess on the end of the stirring spoon for you to lick off at your leisure as you sip down the hot chocolate.

House of Dorchester Fudge Hot Chocolate Stirrer

If you've got a big sweet tooth and love anything of a chocolate fudge nature then this is certainly a hot chocolate for you and is definitely better than a lot of the packet mixes you'll find floating around.

Taste- 7/10 - It delivered a good chocolate fudge flavour and once mixed with milk it wasn't too sweet.
Texture - 6.8/10 - Created a good creamy luxurious hot chocolate even when made with skimmed milk.
Appearance - 7/10 - Looks nice and packaged in a good small handbag sized container so easily transportable.
Price - 7.2/10 - These vary depending on where you buy them, but I've recently seen them in my local Asda for 99p which I think its good compared to the 40-50p you may pay for packet mixes.
Overall - 7/10 - A good  commercial stir in hot chocolate made well.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this.

You can pick these up from all over the place, supermarkets, department stores, or the House of Dorchester website.

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