Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lindt Creation Meringue

I'm a real sucker for  buying things on the spur of the moment when I'm abroad, things I probably wouldn't normally dream of buying if I was at home; having spoken to many people many of my friends feel they same..they'll pick up odd bits of jewellery sold in the markets and never wear them, big novelty hats that they may wear on the beach once or twice...but me..well I buy chocolate. There's something about being in a foreign supermarket seeing all the different products out there that entices me to buy them..I think I may never see these goodies again..and therefore they just have to be bought and tried.

Lindt Creation Meringue

I picked up one of the varieties of the Lindt Creation bars, Meringue, when I was away in Europe, I don't really know what made me buy it, but it sounded intriguing, a dark chocolate exterior filled with a creamy white mousse like filling with tiny pieces of meringue.

Lindt Creation Meringue

Like all of the Creation bars the squares of chocolate are a good thick substantial size and the proportion of chocolate to filling is more than acceptable but that is where the good points of this bar end; the dark chocolate provides a deeper cocoa backdrop, but other than that has no other real flavours..and the creamy "meringue" filling...well I just didn't really get it.

Lindt Creation Meringue

It certainly didn't feel like a meringue, there was no sort of crunchy texture to it whatsoever, and to be honest it didn't really have all that much of a flavour, it was...well...creamy and that's about it.  I suppose at least it's taught me a lesson, that I should not, under any circumstances pick up virtually everything I set my eyes on when I am abroad...oh well...we'll see how long that lasts haha!

Taste - 4.7/10 - Just a sweet sort of concoction with nothing really that amazing about it.
Texture - 3/10 - Well it certainly wasn't anything like meringue!
Appearance - 5/10 - Looks alright, nothing particularly good/bad about it.
Price - 5.5/10 - This cost about £2.00ish I think, so I suppose it wasn't too big a waste of money!
Overall - 4.5/10 - Well below average and certainly not one I'd buy again.

I can't really say this is a real "go to" bar for didn't really taste of all that much.

In supermarkets across Europe I'm sure you'd be able to pick this up.

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  1. Looks more like marshmallow inside rather than meringue