Thursday, 19 April 2012

Paul A Young 9 Piece Selection

It's not often I get the chance to travel down to London with living up North, but when I do I love to hit  up all the different chocolate shops down there if I get the chance; I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a tour around Paul A Young's Soho shop and a talk through and sample of some of Paul's new creations. Unfortunately Paul wasn't there when I popped down so I didn't get the chance to talk to him, but you can see him discussing his chocolates and Bowmore Whisky he uses on this video

Paul A Young Chocolate Selection

This is the first time I've ever sampled Paul's chocolates, I'd heard good things, so was really looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. The manager kindly put a selection of chocolates together for me to try including; Flat White, Banoffee Pie, Cigar Leaf Caramel, Alphonso Mango and Bloomsbury Prarie Fire Chilli,Red Onion & Stem Ginger Conserve & Balsamic Ganache, a Roquefort/Honey/Walnut Chocolate, an orange creation of some kind and a Jasmine Tea.

Paul A Young Chocolate Selection

Firstly I must comment on how beautiful all the chocolates look; from their presentation in the shop to how they look when you open the box, they are elegance at its best and its obvious that a lot of pride is taken in the visual appearance of the chocolates. 

When starting on a box of chocolates I always start on the ones that appeal to me you know I was going for the...

Banoffee Pie:  Paul's signature Caramel, is mixed with banana & complete with a light vanilla ganache, encased in milk chocolate with crispy pastry pieces, this is everything a banoffee pie truffle should be, creamy, sweet and so indulgent feeling.

Paul A Young Chocolate Selection

Cigar Leaf Caramel: I wasn't sure whether I was going to like this one or not, but I was certainly fooled, again the smooth luxurious caramel makes an appearance but this time complete with strong warming notes from the cigar leaf that just catch the back of your throat on the way down warming the cockles of your heart. This chocolate just reminds me of sitting by the fire on a cold night.

Paul A Young Chocolate Selection

Flat White : Talking to Sam the manager at Paul's shop we both agreed that coffee chocolates are so often the ones that are avoided in a box of chocolates as often they aren't executed well. I am pleased to say that this is a chocolate you aren't going to want to avoid, a rich coffee chocolate truffle centre is paired with a creamy milk chocolate shell before being topped with shavings of white chocolate to give the milky edge to that classic Flat White flavour.

Paul A Young Chocolate Selection

Alphonso Mango & Bloomsbury Prairie Chilli : I'm not the biggest of fans of chilli in a chocolate, being the fact that I hate it when it overwhelms all your senses with that fiery heat; this chocolate however balanced it nicely in the middle. The sweet succulent flavour of mango comes through first with the heated chilli only making a slight appearance at the end to give a nice end kick to the chocolate and to stop the mango becoming too overly sweet.

Paul A Young Chocolate Selection

Orange :
Unfortunately I can't remember exactly what the precise name of this chocolate was, if my memory serves me correctly though I'm pretty sure it was Valencia orange and then obviously encased in dark chocolate. Either way, it was good! Orange chocolates to me normally remind me of horrific experiences of Orange Cremes..this thankfully was nothing like that, with a sweet yet tangy centre paired well with a deeper dark chocolate shell.

Paul A Young Chocolate Selection

Roquefort/Honey/Walnut : I know cheese in a chocolate right! Having tried Paul's Stilton and Port chocolate in the shop and loving it, I was hoping that this one was going to be equally as tasty; however it wasn't really my type of chocolate. It edged between sweet and savoury never making a full statement on either side, this may be for some people but it wasn't my cup of tea.

Jasmine  - a rich jasmine tea infused ganache enrobed in dark chocolate this is a delightfully floral chocolate that never becomes too powerful but just teases you with its light refreshing flavours.

Red Onion & Stem Ginger Conserve & Balsamic Ganache : And to save the most intriguing until last; this is certainly one of Paul's most inventive chocolates where his creativity really comes through. I have to say that I think this is either a love it or hate it chocolate. Eating it I could appreciate the flavours that came through, but this is certainly more of a savoury chocolate and unfortunately it didn't hit the spot for me. I'm sure there will be many out there that love this chocolate but I think it will be one of those that divides opinion!

Taste - 8.9/10 - All excellent high quality chocolates, personal preference was just what deciphered whether they were "good" as such.
Texture - 9.5/10 - Sublime, soft, smooth, with excellent proportioned shells...remarkably thin!
Appearance - 9.7/10 - Look beautiful!
Price - 8.1/10 - These are priced at £15.50 for a box of 9 if I remember rightly, which is quite expensive but you're paying for a superior quality boutique chocolate.
Overall - 9/10 - It only makes me wish I lived nearer to London so I could get my hands on these more often!

Someone who appreciates finer quality chocolates.

From any of Paul A Young's shops in London, I picked mine up in the Wardour Street, Soho, shop.


  1. I have always wanted to try Paul A Young chocolates, but I never knew they did such unusual flavours!....Red Onion & Stem Ginger Conserve & Balsamic Ganache?! Wow!

  2. I used to work near his shop in the City...

    ...not too sure if it is a used to yet - if you get my meaning ;o)

  3. They look rich but nice - especially thae Banoffee and cigar leaf caramel. Banoffee's my favourite too ;)

    To me the box doesn't look like your typical chocolate box or like it would contain chocolates.

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