Thursday, 12 April 2012

Zotter Ginger & Carrot Bar

It always amazes me how inventive Zotter are with some of their bars, intriguing as it is to see whether they will work or not, from the offset ginger and carrot always sounded like it would be appealing, two flavours that are often paired together and complement each other in their tastes.

Zotter Ginger & Carrot Bar

The way Zotter have made this bar they have made a sort of carrot white chocolate base, replacing the usual milk powder with carrot, surprisingly the texture of this is still really good, it has a slight waxy finish and isn't as creamy as you may expect a regular white chocolate to be, but other than that its pretty up to scratch. The bar is then filled with a carrot coconut cream & pieces of candied ginger; visually the bar is very very orange, it certainly looks like it is filled with carrot goodness...and hey, you can even pretend its good for you and say it's one of your 5 a day hehe!

Zotter Ginger & Carrot Bar

Taking my first hesitant nibble of the  bar I thought I really liked it; the flavour was a mixture between savoury and sweet with a pleasant heat added as you managed to get a biteful of ginger. However the more I ate, the more I began to change my mind, the flavour all began to get a bit too much and I wasn't a huge fan of the large chunks of ginger that were spotted throughout the bar.

Zotter Ginger & Carrot Bar

Despite the inner carrot coconut cream texture being relatively smooth it also did have a few "pockets of air" where the bar was just a sort of empty shell and working my way through it I found that it left a sort of odd aftertaste that was almost alcoholic. Nevertheless, looking at the packaging I found that there was not a trace of alcohol in sight.

Zotter Ginger & Carrot Bar

This bar wasn't really to my tastes but others may enjoy it; I would call it...interesting..but not one to go back to really.

Taste - 5.4/10 - Sometimes I felt I liked it, other times I really didn't and I found there was a strange sort of aftertaste.
Texture - 6/10 - The texture was surprisingly good despite containing carrot rather than milk powder for the "chocolate base" but there were a few pockets full of air.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - As always the artwork on Zotter's bars was lovely, but the garish bright orange chocolate may put some people off.
Price - 5.2/10 - I'm not sure what the person who bought this for me paid, but looking online these seem to be selling at £3.35 for a 70g bar, which would be fine if it was a flavour I enjoyed but I wouldn't pay this for this particular bar.
Overall - 5.8/10 - Interesting..but just didn't think it worked in the way that it was executed.


Anyone who's interested in trying something a little different.

You can pick Zotter bars up from various delis etc, or you can pick them up online at


  1. it can't POSSIBLY be that the two bars i got you aren't to your liking! haha

    I have to admit - the pockets of air ARE quite disconcerting.

  2. Haha they werent awful just not amazing..lots of other stuff you got me were excellent though..especially the Puccini gianduja..yummmm! I am also yet to open some of the other stuff such as the Valrhona bar etc heehhe

  3. This would tempt me because it looks so different