Saturday, 5 May 2012

Demarquette Cobnut Jubilee Pralines

Unfortunately with me not living anywhere near London it's hard for me to get down to certain chocolate events, I was really disappointed however that this time round I would be in London the week  before, so would just miss out on a night at Demarquette unveiling their new Jubilee range using the addition of the British Kentish Cobnut to create a range of diamond shaped pralines.

Demarquette were kind enough to give me a small sample of what they had to offer when I popped in on my visit, and although I missed the event, I still got the chance to sample what their Jubilee chocolates had to offer. The Jubilee pralines come in either milk or dark chocolate with the praline filling made from British grown Kentish cobnuts all shaped in royal jewel-like fashion and hand painted either gold or silver for true royal decadence.

Demarquette Cobnut Jubilee Pralines 

 To be honest before this I had never heard of a cobnut before, it's not really a nut that you hear of all that often, especially not in a chocolate, it's normally your classic hazelnuts or almonds that make an appearance in your chocolate offerings, but being a lover of all things praline I was thoroughly looking forward to seeing what different flavours this British nut offered.

I went for the milk praline first, biting in you certainly get a strong nutty flavour, to describe the cobnut, it's not like any other nut I've had before, a deep earthy robusy nut flavour comes through, and it seems the way that Marc has made these there isn't all that much sugar added to the praline filling as delivers much more of a nutty punch than that of sugar.

I preferred the milk chocolate praline to that of the dark, taking a nibble of the dark chocolate I found that against the stronger cobnut flavour the milk chocolate worked better, but I'm sure that's just down to personal preference and my need for something sweet that day! The texture of the praline is quite dry; not the smoothest I've had, but offers a nice substantial bite.

Demarquette Cobnut Jubilee Pralines 

The idea of these chocolates is wonderful; I love the way that Demarquette has made these a truly British chocolate from the nut down to the aptly shape of the jewels, as always with Demarquette, the presentation is stylish, sophisticated and elegant. However would I choose these over a classic hazelnut praline, probably not, I found the cobnut flavour a bit too strong, and is quite a different flavour to what you may be used to, for me, I prefer my pralines a tad sweeter.

Taste - 6.2/10 - A good nutty flavour, but thought that they maybe needed a tad more sugar as the cobnut flavour was quite intense.
Texture - 7/10 - Quite a dry praline but offered a good substantial bite and the chocolate casing was in good proportion.
Appearance - 9.3/10 - These look beautiful, I can't fault how elegant these look.
Price - 8/10 - Priced at £12.00 for a box of 8 I think these are pretty good value and at least worth a try to celebrate the Jubilee.
Overall - 7.6/10 - A nice idea and I would eat them and enjoy them, but wouldn't be my go to praline. I guess as the Jubilee goes it's nice to try something a bit different to celebrate!
Lovely to share between the family at the Jubilee weekend.

At Demarquette's shop in London or online here.

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