Thursday, 31 May 2012

House of Dorchester Chunky Raspberry & Meringue

Having sampled the double chocolate, toffee fudge chunky chocolate pieces from HoD and enjoying them at least partially, down to the fact that at least they weren't so cloyingly sweet that they left my throat on edge and me rushing to go and get a drink of water, I was more than happy to sample this other variety when I was bought it as a gift a while ago.

House of Dorchester Chunky Raspberry & Meringue

Instead of being milk and white chocolate, this one consists of 70% dark chocolate and raspberry flavoured white chocolate studded with crunchy meringue pieces and freeze dried raspberries. Sort of like a take on a raspberry chocolate form.

To me freeze dried raspberries are one of those items that have to be approached with caution; there's something about raspberries, that seems to be when they are freeze dried they become not only ridiculously sweet but also extremely acidic..and tangy if you will, enough to cause a significant throat burn just by themselves. So when paired with raspberry white chocolate..and meringue..which is virtually pure's no surprise that is this ridiculously sweet!

House of Dorchester Chunky Raspberry & Meringue

 The poor dark chocolate can do little to offset how sweet this chocolate chunks are; and to be honest I was slightly disappointed at the lack of flavours I really got from these, considering they are all relatively large chunks I was hoping that munching one would at least satisfy some sort of chocolate craving. Alas not, all I got really was sugar..sugar.. a slight bitterness from the 70% dark...and then a throat burning tang from the sweetness of the raspberries, meringue and white chocolate as it glides down.

House of Dorchester Chunky Raspberry & Meringue

I can't imagine that even those with the sweetest of sweet tooths would be able to handle this; I just think the combination of everything together was all a bit too much and although the pieces are nice and chunky and there is a nice added crunch from the meringues/raspberry pieces, in terms of flavour it was just far too sugar orientated.

Taste - 3.7/10 - Cloyingly sweet with no real flavour whatsoever.
Texture - 5.2/10 - The pieces are nice and chunky and there is a nice texture contrast but nothing amazing.
Appearance - 5.3/10 - From the outside this looks ok but when I opened my bag quite a few of my pieces were battered and scuffed.
Price - 4/10 - These are £3.49 a bag...go out and buy a bag of would be cheaper.
Overall - 4.6/10 - Disappointing
You'd have to have one heck of a sweet tooth to enjoy these.

WHERE TO BUY?You can buy HoD from many department stores but the easiest place is their website.

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  1. oh dear me.

    The Chok-a-Blok range they make for Tesco is just as sweet; albeit in a good way, as it had the creamy milk chocolate to match

    -The Exercising Male