Sunday, 6 May 2012

House of Dorchester Jubilee Range

It's now only around a month until the celebration of our Queen's reign on the throne for 60 years and everything is starting to become more and more patriotic; red, white and blue packaging, limited edition special "Jubilee products" are gracing the shelves of our local shops and chocolate is getting a splash of patriotism here from House of Dorchester with their Milk Chocolate Jubilee Bar and Milk, White and Dark Jubilee Crown Pralines.

House of Dorchester Jubilee Chocolates
 It really seems that now there's any excuse to sell and eat chocolate, chocolate, Chocolate, Mothers Day/Fathers chocolate, it seems only natural that to celebrate our Queen's Diamond Jubilee we would of course EAT CHOCOLATE!

House of Dorchester Jubilee Chocolates
House of Dorchester have firstly produced a fine milk chocolate bar, wrapped in gold foil and then again in a light blue paper complete with a crown, our Queen's name and the years she has been reigning..other than that I guess that's as "Jubilee themed" it gets.  The milk chocolate inside is House of Dorchester's standard milk chocolate but what I like about this specific bar is how chunky the pieces are, this feels really satisfying, perfect for dunking into a warm drink, or snapping off a chunk to share with a special someone. A creamy, milky, sweet milk chocolate that will be a lot better than anything some of the bigger commercial chocolate producers may be selling for the Jubilee.

House of Dorchester Jubilee Chocolates

House of Dorchester Jubilee Chocolates

The next product is at least a bit more catered to the celebration, it isn't just the packaging that has been changed this time, but the actual shapes of these chocolate pralines that House of Dorchester have produced are crowns. The filling is a standard hazelnut praline, either coated in milk, white or dark chocolate to suit various peoples tastes. Again the light blue packaging theme follows through in both the box and clear sleeve format, and it is obvious what these chocolates have been produced to celebrate.
House of Dorchester Jubilee Chocolates

The inner praline centre isn't the best I've had; these praline are pretty sweet, even the dark chocolate one, and remind me a bit of Guylian seashells which you may have all tried. These aren't really "fine/elegant" pralines but more something for all you big sweet lovers out there to sink your teeth into when you're in need of a sweet chocolate fix. They're satisfying enough..but I don't think I would specifically go out and buy any unless I was having some sort of Jubilee themed party, in which case I think they would look nice as a pretty edible table decoration.

House of Dorchester Jubilee Chocolates

Taste - 5.3/10 - The milk chocolate is a creamy, satisfying good milk chocolate but I felt slightly let down by the pralines..they aren't the nicest I've had.
Texture - 6.2/10 - The milk chocolate is smooth and melts nicely on the tongue, the inner of the pralines is soft and well giving but I felt maybe the proportion of the chocolate exterior was a bit off.
Appearance - 6.5/10 - These are packaged subtly and prettily but the milk chocolate bar doesn't really have all that much going for it; the crowns do look really nice though and would make a good addition to any Jubilee themed parties.
Price - 6.4/10 - The milk chocolate bar is priced at £2.35 and the pralines : £6.49 for the box or £6.99 for the clear see through strip.
Overall - 6/10 - Not really anything I would go out and specifically buy but good quality affordable chocolates if you want to buy something a bit different.
You can pick these up at House of Dorchester's website here.

I'm not too sure for what purpose I'd buy the milk chocolate bar for, but the Crown Pralines would be a nice finishing touch to any Jubilee party.

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  1. I like the crowns too. I also like the packaging.