Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Valrhona Tanariva

Valrhona's Jivara milk chocolate bar is one of my favourite go to milk chocolate bars of all time; a deliciously creamy rich malt milk chocolate always hits the spot perfectly whenever I am in need of a chocolate fix. Therefore I thought it was only polite..of course..to review its lower cocoa percentage milk counterpart, Tanariva, at 33% cocoa made up of Trinitario beans from Madagascar.

Valrhona Tanariva 33% 

 As usual the bar is moulded very well; with a mixture of different sized cubes just waiting to be broken off and gobbled up in a moment of chocolate desperation. Popping a large cube, well it had to be one of the large ones didn't it, into my mouth, I let the luxury of the Valrhona melt come through.

Valrhona Tanariva 33% 

A rich buttery sensation covered my mouth whilst light notes of burnt toffee and caramel started to do a little dance along my tastebuds;  as I was slowly letting it melt on my tongue I was reminded of classic desserts such as Creme Brulee with that distinctive light burnt caramel toffee flavour coming through delicately.

I was quite surprised at how surprisingly un-sweet this bar is; don't get me wrong it's not bitter, it does have a nice sweet quick to it, but at 33% I was expecting it to be a hell of a lot sweeter, when you consider something like Thornton's classic milk chocolate weighs in at 30% cocoa and tastes almost like icing sugar, this Valrhona bar seemed light years away on the sweetness scale, with no overpowering throat burning fury in sight whatsoever. Just a delicate delicious chocolate bar.

Valrhona Tanariva 33% 

 So was it as good as Jivara in my books? Unfortunately it wasn't quite as good as its higher cocoa percentage milk sibling , it didn't pack as much as a dense flavour punch for me; however it is still very good, and anyone looking to try and wean themselves off some of the more sugary commercial stuff should definitely give this bar a go.

Taste -7.4/10 - Not overly sweet, light caramel and toffee notes blend in a pleasant milk chocolate bar.
Texture - 8.2/10 - A lovely luxurious rich buttery melt.
Appearance - 7.9/10 - I always love the way that Valrhona present their standard range of bars.
Price - 7.8/10 - At £3.55 from the Chocolate Trading Co I don't think is too bad at all!
Overall - 7.8/10 - Probably wouldn't buy it over Jivara but still pleasant to eat.

Definitely good for people looking to start experiencing finer chocolates but are only used to sweet commercial products.

Lots of department stores stock Valrhona  but you can pick this bar up from Chocolate Trading Co also.

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