Monday, 18 June 2012

Galler Mini Bars

Galler chocolates, set up by a chocolatier named Jean Galler are now a worldwide company with chocolate stores from the United Arab Emirates to the classical Belgium; and recently I noticed that they have started selling them in my local Sainsbury's store! However these little Mini Bars that I am about to review were once again a gift from a friend of mine.

Galler Mini Bars

 4 Mini Bars were given to me consisting of: milk praline, dark praline, dark chocolate with a raspberry filling and white chocolate with a coffee filling. Each mini bar was colour coordinated with a strip along the top to show that it was a different variety and all are a good petite snack size to just satisfy that chocolate craving.

Galler Mini Bars

 Naturally, I started on the pralines; the milk praline being the first one to take my fancy;  I found that it had a good creamy flavour reminiscent of Belgian chocolates with a smooth praline filling that thankfully wasn't too sweet but still had a nice hint of hazelnut to it. It wasn't amazing and certainly wasn't the best I've tasted but it was still acceptable and enjoyable.

Galler Mini Bars

 Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the dark praline that I moved onto next; the dark chocolate felt like it was quite a poor quality and the bitterness of it rather overpowered the creamy praline centre, taking the spotlight away from what I thought should be the real start of the show.

The Dark Chocolate with Raspberry was similarly disliked; albeit, in this one the dark chocolate had no real flavour and tasted quite bland; whilst the inner raspberry flavour was extremely sickly, almost like eating a raspberry creme. I'm not a huge fan of raspberry chocolates as it is, and this solidified it for me even further!

My final exploration was with the White Chocolate with Coffee filling; could this one be done correctly? So often coffee chocolates can be extremely poor, everyone knows that in a box of chocolates the coffee is often left til last, but if pulled off well they can be extremely delicious. Thankfully this Mini Bar was quite palatable; the sweet white chocolate managed to balance the more bitter coffee flavour inside; the texture wasn't that of a sickly creme, but more of a smooth praline like texture and made the bar overall enjoyable.

Galler Mini Bars

 So what did I think of my experience of Galler chocolates? Well, really they weren't anything that special, they were nice, but didn't blow me away. I might nibble at the couple of bars that I liked when I was desperate but the other two I certainly wouldn't go back to; I definitely would be interested to see what else Galler have to offer however.

Taste - 6/10 - The milk praline and the coffee were good; but the two dark chocolate varieties I felt could do with a bit of work.
Texture - 6.5/10 - Nice smooth fillings and good proportion between exterior/interior.
Appearance - 6.6/10 - These are a good cute size to fit into your handbag for a chocolate fix and I like how each mini bar is colour coordinated; however a couple of my bars had bloomed.
Price - NA/10 - I'm not sure what my friend paid for these.
Overall - 6.4/10 - Nothing amazing.
Good for a small little treat for someone.

WHERE TO BUY?I know Sainsbury's has started to stock some of the larger bars but I'm not sure where else you can pick up these bars in the UK; you can take a look at what Galler has to offer at their website though.

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