Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Chocolates

After returning from my holidays to the sunny Algarve, I was greeted with not only the usual delightful British weather of copious amounts of rain, but also 3 new chocolate bars released by one of our 2012 London Olympic sponsors, Cadbury's.

So far Cadbury's has launched quite a few products related to the Olympics but none of them have been "new flavours" per se; thankfully we can now say that this has been changed and Cadbury's new bars relating to the different medals that will be given out during the games : bronze, silver and gold, inject a bit of innovativeness into the chocolate products available for 2012.

The first bar I managed to get my hands on was the silver variety; but for the sake of proper medal standings,, of course,  I will review these from bronze upwards.

Bronzed Creme Crunch - 5.9/10

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Chocolates   Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Chocolates Consisting of a toffee flavour creme and caramelised hazelnut pieces and coated in classic Dairy Milk chocolate this bar represent the bronze medal in the 2012 games. Biting into it I was immediately hit with an intense sweetness from not only the milk chocolate but the toffee creme innards; the toffee flavour is not only powerful but also reminds me of a creme style Crunchie! It has that same honeycomb/burnt caramel flavour to it; and around the same sweetness level. So if you are a fan of the intense sugar hit that Crunchie provides but want something a bit more "chocolatey" then no doubt you'll enjoy this Bronzed Creme Crunch. I must say I do prefer the creme style texture to that of Crunchie however; it was smooth and perfectly melted on the mouth. Despite this the "caramelised hazelnut pieces" were extremely weak..and were more like burnt lumps of sugar dispersed throughout the chocolate. Yak.

Silvery Creme - 6.9/10

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Chocolates  Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Chocolates
I would have probably given the Silvery Creme a higher rating if it wasn't for the fact that was pretty much a larger re-packaged version of the original Cadbury's Bliss bar. Oh Cadbury's, why do you continually try to revamp and repackage your product, slap a new name on it and pretend it's different?! Anyway, as the original Bliss bar, this consists of a Vanilla Creme centre coated in Dairy Milk Chocolate. It is tasty, and certainly isn't as sweet as its Bronze counterpart, I found the vanilla creme texture to be slightly firmer than that of the Bronze, with more of a slight "chew/bite" to it; however the flavour was quite enjoyable with a good fresh vanilla flavour and not too cloyingly sweet.

Nuts for Gold - 6.4/10
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Chocolates  Cadbury's Dairy Milk Olympic Chocolates  The final new bar for the Olympics, should be top notch, the best, gold; by the sounds of it, it sounded like it would be right up my street, hazelnut praline with caramelised hazelnut pieces. You all know how much I love my pralines but there is a fine line between how sweet they should be, they certainly need a little sweetness to complement the nutty flavour but unfortunately this Cadbury's bar strayed slightly into the "too sweet" category. I guess what you can expect from a commercial bar; it is nice and I would eat it and probably quite enjoy it but it is pretty sweet and doesn't have a particularly strong nutty flavour. Having said that it does carry the lovely sweet milky creamy Cadbury's flavour and the texture of the praline is smooth and sumptuous; unfortunately once more the "caramelised hazelnut pieces" are like sugar clumps, this would have benefited from some good old fashioned whole hazelnuts, much like Whole Nut.

Overall these make quite a nice new product for the Olympics; however I am quite disappointed that the Silvery Creme was just a remake of the original Bliss Bar and the other couple of bars did have certain points that could certainly be improved on. I would probably buy these bars as a one off to try for the Olympics but doubt I would give them repeat business..there's a lot better products out there.

Taste - 6.1/10 - Only the Silvery Creme wasn't really sweet; the other two will definitely appeal to sweet tooth lovers; all carried the classic good creamy Dairy Milk flavour.
Texture - 6/10 - The actual fillings are pretty nice, smooth, melt in the mouth worthy; unfortunately the caramelised hazelnut pieces are not nice and are more like lumps of sugar.
Appearance - 7.2/10 - I actually really like how Cadbury's have packaged these new bars; incorporating the relevant coloured stripe into a Union Jack.
Price - 6.5/10 - At £1.00 per 100g bar this is an easy to pick up chocolate bar to try.
Overall - 6.4/10 - Nice to see at least some innovativeness and new products on the scene but not ones to go back to.
Anyone who likes their sweet commercial chocolate.

So far I've only seen these in the Co-op or Tesco's, no doubt they'll probably pop up elsewhere before the games begin.


  1. I'm off to the Algarve in 6 weeks, love it there. At work we all got given a Cadbury's gold medal - and they're nice, just like chocolate coins you have at Christmas.

  2. I saw these in Tesco today and couldn't decide whether to try one or not! I like the packaging too and I agree that it's great to see new products. Thanks for the in depth review and photos, I'll probably go for the Nuts for Gold one now. :)

  3. I hope these babies make it over to the states! I used to babysit for an Irish family and they would spoil me with Cadbury chocolates. The Fruit and Nut bars and Carmello were my fav, but I I haven't had them in years! The Gold Bar sounds amazing!

  4. Finally got round to trying the Silver yesterday- you're right, it seemed like an ever so slightly firmer version of the Dairy Milk Bliss.

    BOOOO Cadbury.