Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nestle Vice Versas

There seems to have been an influx of seemingly "new" products on the commercial side of the chocolate market recently; what with Cadbury's "new" Olympic bars it was only time before the other commercial giants hopped onto the band wagon and felt the desire to re-release some blasts from the past.

For those of you that haven't heard of Vice Versas before; to be honest I couldn't really remember them all that well, sure I'd heard of them, but couldn't recall every having sampled them, they were released originally in 1991 before being discontinued and then brought back out again in 2004 only to be withdrawn again a year later..and now folks..they're back! Maybe it'll be 3rd time lucky for them this time round.

Nestle Vice Versas
They are a similar format and size to that of Galaxy Minstrels, apart from from they are either made up of milk chocolate with a white crunchy exterior or white chocolate with a brown crunchy exterior; hence the only "Vice-Versa" name. I was initially expecting them to be quite similar to one of Nestle's other products that I am sure you have all heard of, Smarties; alas despite the milk chocolate being the same these are quite different in terms of size and 1 Vice Versa = around 3/4 Smarties I would say.

The white chocolate innards tastes just like Milky Bar, whilst the milk chocolate counter part just tastes like sweet classic low cocoa percentage Nestle milk chocolate; despite me not being a huge fan of any of the large commercial player's chocolates, I always find that Nestle's is the most inferior, it just doesn't have any sort of creaminess and is much well suited as a coating (i.e. Kit Kat) rather than a solid black of chocolate (Yorkie).

Nestle Vice Versas
I quite like the novel idea of these; at least it is something a little bit different if you can't decide between white & milk chocolate and they do provide a nice crunchy shell akin to that of Minstrels. Nevertheless these are REALLY sweet, I could only manage a few before I started to feel the sugar slowly coating my teeth and the prominent throat burn emerged.

Nestle Vice Versas

These would probably be better suited to a mindless cinema eating snack rather than something to be taken home, savoured and enjoyed. They're just a bit too..bland, unexciting and sweet for me, the colours were dull and although the white chocolate is quite satisfying and creamy in terms of classic Milky Bar flavour I found that the milk chocolate wasn't to my liking at all. Maybe there was a a reason these have already been axed twice...

Taste - 3.4/10
- Far too sweet for me; the white chocolate was probably the only salvageable part and even that wasn't the best.
Texture - 5/10 - They are a good size, substantial with a nice shell crunch but the throat burning and feeling of sugar crystallisation isn't the most pleasant experience.
Appearance - 4.2/10 Good size but the colours are pretty dull looking and they don't have a nice sheen on them like Minstrels do.
Price - 6.4/10 - I only paid £1.50 for these at a local supermarket, which is a pretty cheap to give them a try but I wouldn't go back for anymore.
Overall - 4.7/10 - I fear Vice Versa's may be making another return to Wikipedia history.
Probably more for kids or a mindless eating sit in front of a film candy/chocolate. Not for those who are averse to products that are overly sweet!
WHERE TO BUY?These are being officially brought out to most shops on the 6th of August but Asda are stocking them now.


  1. I used to love these, I had heard that they were back but haven't managed to find any near me :(

  2. I only liked these for the nostalgia factor, but I agree they are far too sweet. Even the white chocolate tastes sweeter and less creamy than it used to.

  3. I used to love these. They originally came out the year I started high school. You're right the outer is like Minstrels. Will have to try these 3rd Generation ones and see if they differ, shame if I do find them too sweet.

  4. I had a packet last night as they were on offer at Tesco for £1. Ouch. I could almost feel my teeth breaking the shells were that hard. Perhaps it was a bad batch, but they were way too tough to crack and as such I couldn't enjoy them. Add to that the aforementioned bland overall flavours, I certainly won't be buying these again...