Sunday, 22 July 2012

Venchi 75% Cuor di Cacao Block

If Yorkie is meant to be your typical "meaty" man's chocolate bar...then this HUGE 75% dark chocolate Venchi bar must be fit for the Incredible Hulk! Consisting of 3 huge chocolate chunks and weighing in at a decent 185g this isn't a chocolate bar for the faint hearted..and it's pretty much a test of your muscle strength as to whether or not you're able to snap a good chunk of this off!

I decided that the best way to eat this bar was to simply go for it; just take a bite out of it (you can either go for a huge shark like bite, which gives the satisfying effect of a huge chunk of melting chocolate in your  mouth; or the nibbling squirrel approach, slowly savouring each little chocolate chunk that grazes off the block and down your throat).

Venchi 75% Cuor di Cacao

This definitely isn't the easiest bar to eat and I found myself to be covered in small dark chocolate crumbs that seemed to make a habit of melting on me and ruining whatever item of clothing I had on at that time! I guess this is a bar that would probably be more suitable to some baking that requires a good quality dark chocolate, rather than one to just eat at your fancy, but I quite enjoyed just nibbling at it..despite the mess it made in the process.

The 75% dark chocolate is made up of beans from central and south America and has quite a drying, robust flavour, with notes of coffee and smoky tobacco before leading way to a slightly sweeter finish. However this is quite a powerfully flavoured bar; so definitely not one for those who are averse to dark chocolate.

Venchi 75% Cuor di Cacao

In accordance with the flavour the melt is also quite drying; it certainly doesn't feel rich and buttery but leaves you wanting to take a sip of water soon after you've finished it. I probably wouldn't rush out to by a bar of this, the flavour didn't really blow me away, it was average, certainly not a bar with deep complex flavours and due to the size of it; although satisfying, proved quite difficult to eat. I'd say this is a bar probably best left for the kitchen.

Venchi 75% Cuor di Cacao 

Taste - 5.8/10 - Quite bitter and robust, not really many particularly complex flavours going on and quite drying.
Texture - 6/10 - Again quite drying, not rich or buttery whatsoever.
Appearance - 6.1/10 - One of those bars that looks really good..until you go to eat it and find out what a mess it makes.
Price - 5.4/10 - This bar is priced at €7.50 for 185g of chocolate; whilst this would be excellent value for a good artisan bar of chocolate I find for cooking I would probably go for something slightly less expensive.
Overall - 5.8/10 - I've had better from Venchi.

I would say this bar is definitely more suited for baking but dark chocolate lovers probably would enjoy it as something to nibble on.

WHERE TO BUY?You can pick this up from the Venchi website.

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