Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Mini Bubbly Bar

The folks from "Joyville" - a fictional land that Cadbury's has created were kind enough to send me over some of their latest newest offerings recently; thepackage arrived beautifully in the mail in the form of a gorgeous cylinder filled with a small tempting treat inside.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Mini Bubbly Bar 

However readers; do not get overly excited, this was not some fantastic innovative new product that has been the result of the brainpower of many a Cadbury's employee. No unfortunately this is just a newly sized version of the Cadbury's Dairy Milk Bubbly that you have seen gracing the shelves of many a supermarket/store recently. Rather than being the standard 90g bar this is a smaller size, meant to fit in with the rest of the 1 serving Cadbury's range that you may pick up when you are on the go and in need of a quick chocolate fix.

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Mini Bubbly Bar 

 Like the larger Bubbly bar this has the same design in that the bar is actually moulded into the shape of a number of bubbles; whilst the inside consists of the usual aerated chocolate that you would find in a Bubbly bar. However unlike Wispa this doesn't have the same dense sort of texture, there is certainly a lot more air in this bar!

The taste is the usual sweet creamy, milky Cadbury's taste that so many of you will be accustomed to by now  and is none intrusive and pleasing on the taste buds when you are in need of a sweet chocolate treat. The texture is also the same as the standard Bubbly bar, airy, light and melt in the  mouth - I did however like how you could almost snap off each individual "bubble" to pop into your mouth and enjoy!

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Mini Bubbly Bar

Although this bar wasn't anything ground-breaking in terms of innovation; which is slightly disappointing, I wish Cadbury's would come up with something new for us to all to sample, it still is pleasant and certainly isn't particularly bad since it is really just a resized chocolate bar of something that is already working and selling well. I guess it's just more convenient if you're wanting a smaller treat for on the go rather than a chocolate bar to keep in the cupboard or to share out between friends.

Taste - 7.2/10 - The classic sweet Cadbury's flavour; although I am a fan of my finer chocolates I think there is always a time and a place for easy edible chocolate like this.
Texture - 6.1/10 - I'm not a huge fan of aerated chocolate - I want chocolate not air! It is light in the mouth however and doesn't feel too heavy.
Appearance - 7.4/10 - I actually really like the moulding of the bar, it certainly is a lot better than when Cadbury's initially brought out the Bubbly bar in the standard Dairy Milk format.
Price - 7/10 - I guess this is going to be priced along a similar level to the rest of the Cadbury's bar range between 50-60p.
Overall - 6.9/10 - A nice easy to eat bar, I just wish Cadbury's would come up with something new!
Anyone who enjoys Cadbury's really!

WHERE TO BUY?I'm sure this will be gracing the shelves of many a supermarket and newsagents soon.

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