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Elizabeth Shaw Hamper

I've seen Elizabeth Shaw products dotted around quite a few times, but have never been all that tempted to pick anything up, so when I was contacted and asked whether I would like to sample one of their hampers I was more than happy to oblije to see what they were all about.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

The hamper arrived in a box the size of a small piece of furniture, and on opening I was delighted with the amount that they had sent out for me to try; with a selection of their flutes, chocolate bars, Mint Collections & Chocolate Crisps this certainly was one hefty chocolate selection! I will give a general overview of the stuff that I have managed to try out; as obviously to go through each item one by one would lead to one ridiculously long review post!

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

Having not tried any of Elizabeth Shaw's products in the past I tried to sample a little bit of everything to fully sample what was on offer; I decided to start on a sample of the milk/dark chocolate crisps consisting of 4 different varieties : butterscotch crisp, caramel crisp, honeycomb crisp and cocoa crisp. All were made up of appropriately flavoured milk or dark chocolate, i.e. butterscotch flavoured milk chocolate, with either honeycomb or cocoa crisp pieces dotted around inside. The milk chocolate consisted of 30% cocoa solids, whilst the dark chocolate was made up of a measly 45%..more the value for a dark milk really, so you will find that it is pretty sweet.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

 Although marketing themselves as a 'luxury' product I can't really say that these are the height of quality, but rather the more up-market packaging is made to make a fairly simplistic chocolate look that tiny bit better. I would describe them as 'pleasant' they aren't overly sweet and do have nice butterscotch/caramel flavours to them, I might nibble at one or two of them if they were out on offer but I wouldn't really go out to seek them.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

These similar flavours were echoed in the few bars I received; the Cocoa Crisp I found to be pretty poor, due to the lower cocoa percentage in the dark chocolate and it being more of a 'luxury commercial' marketed product, it was all just a bit overly sweet and bland. Certainly no flavour profile to be explored. Whilst the Butterscotch Crisp/Mint Crisp were slightly better and I preferred the dispersion of the honeycomb pieces/thicker chocolate that I experienced in the bar format.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates '

Flutes' are another aspect of Elizabeth Shaw's portfolio, made up of either milk, white or dark chocolate and filled with a flavoured core they are a pretty similar format to After Eight Straws apart from not only is there a mint variety but also Latte (white chocolate + coffee), Orange (dark chocolate + orange) and Amaretto (milk chocolate + amaretto). They are pretty dainty, and only come in at a tiny 20 calories per flute, so if you want a chocolate treat but are trying to keep it light these are pretty good. However I found all the flavours to be fairly uninspiring when I came to trying them - being not a huge fan of amaretto flavoured things I couldn't really fairly judge them but the Orange & the Latte Flutes were just a bit too sweet and although quite nice to nibble on nothing earth shattering.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

The only products that I found to be the most superior of the hamper were any that contained mint; the Mint Flutes were akin to the After Eight Variety, if you are looking for something a bit different, whilst the Mint Crisps and Mint Collection were a nice refreshing change, with Mint Fondants, Milk/Dark Chocolate Mint Crisps and little pieces of Mint/Dark Flavoured Mint Chocolate. Certainly these aren't artisan chocolates whatsoever and I would still be slightly skeptical to say these were luxury other than the packaging, but they are quite pleasant to a fan of a mint chocolate and can still be enjoyed when in need of a chocolate fix.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

Although there are aspects of Elizabeth Shaw's products that are quite nice and pleasantly enjoyable I find it hard to see where exactly they fit in - if I wanted something cheap and easy I would buy Cadbury's, Mars etc or if I wanted something a little more upmarket I may head to the likes of Hotel Chocolat and individual artisan chocolate boutiques. Leaving me exactly wondering at what occasion I would purchase Elizabeth Shaw.

Taste - 5.6/10 - They're not bad by any means, but they're not great either, commercial chocolates packaged differently, slightly off putting that some of their chocolates contained butterfat as an ingredient.
Texture - 4.8/10 - None of the chocolates really had a nice luxurious feel in the mouth, the actual quality of the chocolate felt a bit waxy.
Appearance - 5.2/10 - Although they have been packed to look a bit more upmarket I don't really think they looked anything all that special.
Price - 5.6/10 - Obviously all the different products are priced differently, but you are looking at around £2.50 for the Flutes, £4.00 for the Crisps/Collection and £2.00 for the bars, putting them at around a similar price to Lindt.
Overall - 5.3/10 - Averagely enjoyable but nothing special.

Like I say I can't really see where these greatly fit in, they remind me maybe of the chocolates that I would buy for older relatives.

WHERE TO BUY?You can pick these up from all major supermarkets or you can take a look at their website.

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