Saturday, 8 September 2012

Cadbury's Toffee Popcorn Bar

Looking across the Milka/Cadbury's bar portfolio you can tell that they are now owned by the same company with many of the bars replicating each other - albeit with just a different chocolate exterior. I'd seen the Milka Popcorn bar lurking in various other European countries so it was only a matter of time before Kraft brought some of the same ideas to the UK in the form of Cadburys.

Cadburys Toffee Popcorn Bar 

Not content with the bagged Cadbury's Toffee Coated Popcorn that was launched recently this offering is made using actual "Dairy Milk" chocolate rather than the sweeter Cadbury's milk chocolate that is often used as a covering of other bars, in Easter eggs etc.

I must admit I was pretty pleased to see that eventually Cadbury's have brought out something new in their bar format; heck even if a couple of their new bars are a replica of the Milka varieties at least it is something new and not just a re-sized bar like the new Dairy Milk Bubbly!

I had visions of this bar being predominantly Dairy Milk chocolate with the odd bit of toffee popcorn here and there; oh how wrong I was - as I opened this bar you can immediately tell how chunky and how "chock" full of popcorn it is, not only are the cubes about double the standard size but the overall bar is certainly a lot thicker albeit being slightly lighter - weighing in at 150g rather than the usual 200g.

Cadburys Toffee Popcorn Bar I

've always thought that chocolate & popcorn are ultimately a match made in heaven; I remember as a child melting large amounts of chocolate over a bag full of popcorn, spreading it out and then letting it set in the fridge - essentially exactly what this bar it! The classic sweet Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate works well against the sweet/savoury contrast of the Toffee Coated Popcorn and is so incredibly moreish.

Cadburys Toffee Popcorn Bar 

The texture is delightful with the popcorn providing a light airy feel and thankfully means that it doesn't become overly sickly - this is certainly a bar where once you start on it you just don't want to put it away. The only problem with this bar is attempting to break off chunks of it - because of the dispersion of the popcorn its quite hard to break off a standard cube if you're wanting to share this with someone and you sort of ended up getting a crooked shard of chocolate/popcorn. Lesson here? Keep it all to yourself!

Cadburys Toffee Popcorn Bar 

 Taste - 8.7/10 - I all too often slate commercial chocolate for being too sweet and not being to my particular tastes - but if you take this for what it is it's perfect for a sweet treat for a night on the sofa watching a film (I'd choose this over a bag of popcorn any day).
Texture - 8.6/10 - Good dispersion of popcorn, lovely, light and a nice crunch in the mouth.
Appearance - 7/10 - It doesn't look the most appetising of bars because of the large amount of popcorn on the reverse side but I do like the larger chunks, they feel extremely substantial!
Price - 8/10 - I'd imagine this is going to be priced similarly to other Dairy Milk sharing size blocks - albeit I think this one is a lot nicer!
Overall - 8.1/10 - Eventually a new, tasty, unassuming chocolate bar from Cadburys!

The majority of people who enjoy any form of chocolate will most likely enjoy this - especially big Cadbury's fans. Great for nights in on the sofa watching a film.


I'm sure you'll see this all over the place soon - newsagents, supermarkets etc.


  1. I really loved this bar, although I couldn't really taste much of the toffee. I was really surprised too by how much popcorn they packed in, I was expecting just a standard bar with little bits but it really was loaded!

    1. Agreed the toffee wasnt that prevalent unfortunately :( but yes love how chunky it was!

  2. This sounds like a fun bar - and you got such wonderful pictures, too!

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    1. did the popcorn have a harder toffee coating? I think that would give it a better texture..and if so, this sounds pretty amazing.

    2. It was meant to - the toffee coating didnt really come through much in the bar though; it just felt more like regular sweet popcorn that had been stirred through. Cadbury's have bagged coated toffee popcorn that they have just brought out that has far greater toffee coating!